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Where my hands used to be, there were little furry paws.

I dropped to the ground. Looking around, I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. It was fuzzy, and it kept flicking back and forth behind me.

Turning, I tried to see what it was, but it kept disappearing.

The other students were just now recovering from my accidental light show, and were staring up at me.

"Oh. My. Guardian." North breathed as she looked down at me.

"What?" I said. But instead, I heard a little meow.

Lacey just gaped at me like I had turned green and had 3 eyes.

"Seriously guys, what is it? And why the hell do I keep hearing cat noises whenever I talk?" I chastised, annoyed they weren't answering me.

Miss Fauna's eyes were as big as saucers. "Moxy... Do you know what your power is?" She whispered.

"Well it's obviously something since y'all are staring at me like-" then I caught my reflection in the dome's reflective windows.

I was a goddamn cat person.

My skin was normal, and I looked the same, except my dark green eyes had black slits in the middle of them, just like a cat's. Looking behind me, I saw that I had a long black tail coming out right above my tailbone. And I had little fucking whiskers sprouting out of my cheeks.

"You can shapeshift!" North squealed. "That's so cool! I mean sure it's kinda Darke but wow so amazing!"

I was in shock. What the fuck was this?!! I glanced over at Lacey, hoping to get some comfort. She gave me the look that said "well, that makes two of us".

Miss Fauna scribbled something feverishly on her clipboard. "Now, can you turn back dear?"

Nodding, I focused my mind on how I used to look. The burning sensation consumed me as the class shielded their eyes yet again.

As I started to fade I checked behind me. No tail. Looking at my hands, they were normal and human again. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Miss Fauna peaked out from behind her clipboard. Shaking, she asked me "is-is that everything?"

"Yep!" I said, as I moved over to go stand with North and Lacey, both of whom were staring at me apprehensively.

"Thank you all for showing what you have!" Miss Fauna complimented, standing up and floating towards us. "Or the rest of this year, we will be working on expanding and hardening your powers. Sculpting them to help mortals the best when it get assigned to one." She smiled.

The harp sounded, reverberating throughout the done. I jumped, embarrassed that the damn bell acres the piss out of me again.

North looked at Lacey and I, linked arms, and dragged us out of the building.

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