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Well apparently Lacey knew here she was going, so Ace and I happily obliged. Looking around, I saw other angels milling about. It was a nice change of pace from having to deal with stupid mortals.

My old high school... Lets just say that things didn't go so well. So badly in fact, that I, along with Lacey and Ace, had to be transferred. The whole "hiding my wings" thing wasn't really my (or Lacey's) vibe, so by shocking a few hundred people and even putting a few in therapy, moving was a must.

Stumbling after my siblings, we joined the ever growing line to get our schedules. Lacey and I were juniors, and Ace was a sophomore. Wings and bodies pressed up against one another, trying to get through the line faster. No. Pushing won't get you anywhere. And if you push me, you will be sorry.

If you haven't noticed, Lacey and I have quite the temper. One of the ONLY things we have in common... Besides our humor that is.

Lacey pulled out a little compact mirror from her purse, and a thing of lipstick, and began the exasperating task of applying overly glossy lips.

Ace glanced around, under the brim of his Wings baseball cap. Yes, even angels have baseball. Idiot. Apparently having seen enough, he leaned down to tie his shoe, and chaos erupted.

The boy behind him, who, like a total asshole, was trying to push his way farther through the line, tripped over Ace who was still trying to tie his shoe. Ace, looking up, saw the dolt, and punched him square in the face.

Classy Ace. Real classy.

The boy who was trying to stand up, a bruise already forming on his jawline, used the girl in from of him to prop himself back up. Obviously she wasn't expecting it, so in turn, used the person in front of HER to steady herself. It created a domino effect down the line of impatient teens, people falling and others pushing other people over.

Wings and bodies collided as people fell and others pushed. Ace stared, open mouthed, at the wreck he'd created.

Lacey, who had just come back from her little world of overly glossy lips, rolled her eyes, and stepping over the limbs of people around her, strode up to the front of the line, and into the office. Not wanting to be left behind, I hauled Ace up to his feet, and using him as a support system, to make sure I didn't face plant again, followed my "rebel" sister into the office.

Sorry guuuuys. Haven't posted in FREAKING forever... Hey, it's almost my birthday, I've been busy. Big ol' 14!!!! Comment and give me feedback please!!! Xoxo

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