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Hello people reading this. Just letting you know, I'm completely winging it. First book so lets keep it positive!! Haha yea ok you can read now


"I AM A PRINCESS!!!!!" A shrill voice squealed as I heard little footsteps slap the dark cherry hardwood floors down the hall.

"MOOOOOOOMY!!!!" CC's shrill voice screeched, cutting through Jack Johnson's peaceful voice. "Daddy won't let me wear my princess outfit!" A little ball of furry came stomping into the kitchen, wearing a pair of pink jeans, a pink sparkly shirt, and pink boots.

It was like a piece of bubble gum had exploded around my 6 year old sister.

It was also CC's first day of kindergarten.

"I'm a princess so I need to wear my crown and my dress and my tutu and my crown and my prima ballerina shoes and my earrings and my crown!" Throwing herself on the floor, she laid face down, little whimpers escaping her mouth.

She was the baby, why could you do? With that adorable smile and blue eyes, she was just like Flora. Golden ringlets hung from her head, and a little pink bow topped it all off.

"There there," cooed Flora, picking a struggling CC. "Let's go find something!" And off they went.

Cue bitchy sister entrance.

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