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"Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Be- SMACK"

Groaning, I rolled over to see that the bright red numbers on my old, beat up alarm clock read 7:45.

"Moxy," I heard somebody call "you

better get up, otherwise you'll be late for-"

"Shit!" I exclaimed, throwing the covers off and leaping out of bed, not really caring whatever my family member had to say.I could not be late. Not today.

In a blurry haze, I stumbled to the room across the hall, knocking at least five things over in the process. In this new house, I had no fucking clue where anything was. After stumbling like a drunkard into the office, laundry room, and my younger brothers room, (i assumed by the smell) I finally located the bathroom.

Downstairs, I heard Flora making some sort of organic puke-inducing breakfast. I thanked my lucky stars I had some eggo's stashed away in the back of the freezer, for instances like this one.

Hey, don't judge. You don't have Eco-maniac parents that only buy the healthiest food for their little baby's.

After standing under the hot water for a good 4.8 seconds, I raked a comb through my jet black hair and, wrapping a newly unpacked towel around myself, raced back to my room.

Slamming the door shut behind me, I threw open my drawers and tried to find something decent to wear. Finally finding my favorite pair of jeans, I wriggled into them as I shoved an old Marvel muscle shirt on my skinny frame as I grabbed my lucky bomber jacket and makeup bag, running into the doorway in the meantime.

Yea, I'm kind of a klutz, if you haven't put two and two together yet.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I practically fell down the last 6 steps.

"Good morning sunshine!" sang my mom, being waaaay to chipper for a Monday.

A short curvy woman, with white blonde hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. She's impossible to dislike, really. With the deep smile lines around her eyes, she looks like the epitome of happiness for Christs sake! (And if you don't know what epitome means, go google it.)

Grunting in response, I flopped down at the ginormous breakfast nook that accompanied our already ridiculously large kitchen. Humming a little happy song, my mother danced around our kitchen as my baby brother walked in.

"Hello Acey-wayce!" I greeted my moody look-alike as he too, fell haphazardly into the barstool next to me.

"Fuck off." He replied sweetly under his breath so mom wouldn't hear him, giving me a sinister look in the meantime. Gotta love sibling bonding.

He was the spitting image of me, except for being a dude. Jet black curls framed his olive toned face and bright green eyes. A dark black shirt and dark black jeans adding to the whole "I'm a moody badass teenager" look. Only a year younger then me, he put his head down and pretended to doze to avoid any communication with the rest of the family. Well played Ace, well played.

Sneaking up from my chair, I walked over to our stainless steel fridge that would probably have taken up an entire wall at our old house. Reaching my hand back into the dark recesses of the freezer, I grabbed a waffle and hid it behind my back as Flora waltzed to the other side of the kitchen. Seizing my chance, I gunned it to the toaster, bumping my already very bruised hip and popping it in. Organic brick shit: 0, Moxy: 1.

"Lacey Grimm Bolt!" I heard my father roar upstairs. "Get your butt downstairs immediately!"

"Or what?" I heard a sarcastic voice hour back "I'll face the wrath of 'Mr. Grumpy Pants Big Time Lawyer?' I think I'll take my chances." A door slammed, letting us, and the rest of the neighbor hood, that my sibling was now up.

My dad wasn't very scary. At least to me anyways. Well he was over 6'5 and had hair just like mine, however his was cut to make anyone realize that he was, in fact, "mr. Fancy who works at a big law firm and has to wear a suit everyday". His voice was suuuper deep and his eyes looked like they could see right into your soul. He was a lawyer, it was pretty much in the job description.

Ace and I snickered as I stuffed half the waffle in my mouth, sitting back down at the nook. Flora walked, or rather danced, over. Stabbing a piece of mystery breakfast, she shook a square (yes a square) piece of tofu casserole onto Ace's plate. Making a 'shhuck' sound, it jiggled as Ace gave a disgusted look and pushed it away. I happily chomped into my waffle, smiling evilly at Ace. Who in turn, gave me the finger.

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