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Walking with Moxy was like walking with an overly hyper dog. She pulled on my arm, leaned on me, randomly stopped and kept tripping over herself.

"Can you PLEASE just try to walk like a normal human being?" I cried exasperatedly as Moxy practically fell down, almost pulling me down with her.

"There's. just. So. Much. To. See!" She gasped, looking around wildly.

Rolling my eyes, I felt somebody run into my shoulder roughly.

"Um...excuse you!" Turning, I looked around to see the bitch who had run into me.

"No. Excuse YOU!" A high pitched, overly sugary sweet voice slammed into me. "Watch where YOU'RE going, idiot."

A Barbie doll stood in front of me. A tan, skinny, plastic brunette with eyes the color of barf stood with her hands on her hips, and plastic blonde look alikes flanked her sides, their arms crossed over their boobs.

"No bitch! YOU watch where your little ass is going you little fu-" I yelled back.

Choosing a great time to cut in, Moxy scolded "Lacey! Lets not make enemies on the first day, mkay?"

"But that bitch..." I started.

"Awe, blondie can't finish her own fight. How sad." The brunette snickered. "Sadie, Katie, lets move."

"Nice one Veronica!" They praised simultaneously.

Snapping her fingers like some sad 80's chick flick, she turned around, her cronies followed. Their matching pink stilettos clicking in time as they pranced, all arm in arm, across the courtyard.

Moxy had to hold me back from killing that bitch.

A little crowd had gathered while the whole fiasco ha been going on, so as people filtered out, there were a group of girls that had stayed. All in a huddle, they looked like they were having a heated discussion about something.

Moxy, looking at her watch, reminded me that we couldn't be late to our first class.

"Now that that's all taken care of, what do you say we go find out lockers?" I asked Moxy.

Nodding her head, we started off again to where we thought our lockers were.

"Lockers are the other way..." We heard a voice call from behind.

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