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Walking in, we were hit with a ray of light so big that we had to shield our eyes.

Squinting them, I tried to get a look at our surroundings. The room was huge, the size of a normal high school gym. The room was long and narrow, a big desk at the end, with huge bay windows behind it, so you could see the entire campus from them. Dark cherry cabinets lined both walls, filled with old leather bound books that looked bigger then my head. The floor was stark white and so were the walls. The effect made me believe that this is probably what the headquarters of heaven looked like.

"Whoa..." Moxy gaped, turning in circles to take in the impressive room.

"Hello?" A twinkling voice asked. "Please come in."

Moxy and I diligently followed orders. The voice sounded sweet and kind, but the underlying tones of authority and wisdom practically demanded respect.

A tall, white plushy leather chair swiveled around to face us. Sitting in it was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

She was elegant, graceful, powerful and stunning all in one. Her face didn't show her age, nor did her body. She had no wrinkles, but the look in her eyes had the wisdom of many years behind them. Her skin was of porcelain and her body was thin and tall. She didn't look to be over 30 and yet she had an aura of motherly authority.

"And who are you?" She questioned, standing up and walking around her silver and grey marble desk.

Clearing my throat, I stammered. "Lacey Bolt."

Moxy, apparently realizing that the headmistress was waiting for her, quickly said "Moxy Bolt!"

"Oh yes, Miss Fauna mentioned something about you two..." She thought for a moment.

"Apparently we possess Darke magic..." Moxy blurted out awkwardly.

The headmistress looked startled. "Oh dear... What ever do you mean?"

Moxy and I looked at each other. Finally I piped up "we just came from training and... Well... Our powers are a little different."

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