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Hearing those words from my sisters mouth, I realized that it was indeed weird, having such drastically different powers then everybody else.

"Is that so?" The was mistress inquired, looking back and forth between Lacey and I.

"...well I for one think it's a crap load of bull-" Lacey started, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes in disdain.

"What Lacey is trying to say," I intervened, "is that we didn't even know we possessed powers until today, so if Miss Fauna is implying that we practice in Darke magic or whatever, we don't."

The headmistress just looked at us, her eyes never wavering. She slowly shook her head, and stood up from her chair.

"I believe what you girls are telling me." She responded, giving us a little smile. "I will just let Miss Fauna know that she has nothing to worry about."

Gesturing towards the door, that was out que to leave.

"Thank you for your time Headmistress." Lacey smiled sweetly, flashing her pearly whites and practically dragging me out of the room behind her.

Once Lacey closed the doors, we found ourselves in the empty hallway. Jerking my hand away from Lacey's death grip, I rubbed my aching wrists.

"Ok what the hell was that?" I demanded, narrowing my eyes at my sister, who in turn gave me the look of death.

"Lower your voice!" Lacey roughly whispered. "She can still hear us!"

Looking around I didn't see anyone in sight. "She who?"

Rolling her eyes at my "ovbious" ignorance, Lacey said "the Headmistress."

"Why the hell wouldn't we want the headmistress to hear us?" I questioned, utterly purplexed.

"Didn't you think it was a little too easy?" Lacey asked. "Getting let off that quickly for supposed Darke magic? I've heard stories. The kids who dabbled in that sorta stuff were sent away and never heard from again. So why are we still here? And even more, why were we let off so easily?"

"That's it." I thought, "she's finally cracked."

But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Why were we getting let off so easy? Darke magic was no laughing matter, so how come the Headmistress seemed to believe the accusation was a mistake?

Looking over at Lacey, it suddenly dawned on me.

"She doesn't believe us does she?"

Lacey looked troubled as she turned to face me. "Nope." Signing, she took out her lipgloss. Without looking at me, she said "Guess who's about to disappear without a trace."

I gulped, already knowing the answer.

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