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That last chapter was just filler. But hey, now you know the family. Stay readey, or whatever ;)

As I walked into the kitchen, I already knew today was going to be a fuck-tastic day. Over sleeping your alarm and then not being able to find your fave Jimmy Choos was just the tip of the iceberg. After I burned my finger curling my hair, I spilled hot pink nail polish all over my new fuzzy pottery barn rug. God why did everything have to be so...euughh.

Ace and Moxy were already at the nook. Moxy looked up and smiled as I walked in. Ace just kept on 'sleeping'. Brat.

After a quick glance at the "thing" that Mom (or as Moxy likes to call her Flora) created that looked like it might give you some sort of disorder by just looking at it, I opened up the fridge when, lo and behold, the only things in the fridge were ketchup, last night's Thai, and organic water. (Yes, we had ORGANIC water)

I hate new houses. There's never enough food.

Moxy, sensing that I was about to blow a fuse, came over.

"I hid some waffles in the freezer." She whispered discretely. Like it was some sort of mission or something. Dork.

"Thanks captain obvious." I snorted as I opened the freezer.

Moxy muttered something about an 'ungrateful bitch' and went to the mud room, bumping her elbow on the table and stubbing her toe along the way.

I snickered as mom came back into the room, with a very decked out princess.

"Lookie lookie we found my crown!!!" CC exclaimed happily.

"And we're running late," said mom. Looking at my phone, it read 8:00. School started in 15. Now was crunch time.

Grabbing my new Victoria's Secret backpack, I ran into the bathroom one more time to check if I was looking perfect. I flipped on the switch, and was delighted to find that my white blonde hair had curled and my makeup brought out my blue eyes. My outfit of a light floral top paired with light wash skinny jeans was brand new.

My wings, right between my shoulder blades, had a beautiful ivory shine to them, the sun catching the flecks of gold in the fluffy plumage.

"Wings?" You say? Yep. Big fluffy angel wings. And no, I'm not crazy. My entire family are angels. You know, the kind you read about? Doing good deeds and keeping the world in balance? That's us.

But no, we can't fly. Not until we become Guardian angles to some ungrateful mortal...

"Lacey!!!!" I heard Moxy yell over the chatter of every family member trying to be heard. "Let's go!"

"Hold your horses, I'm coming." I sighed. Flipping off the light, I moseyed to the front door, where it looked like complete chaos.

CC was yelling "I am a princess!" And fluttering her white wings around, creating a disturbance in the air in our house. Ace was trying to get his shoe back from our family dog, Bonkers, a Pomeranian, who had a black van clenched firmly in his little jaw. Moxy was running into everything haphazardly, trying to get to the front door.

"Everyone to the car NOW!" Roared dad.

Like a little army, all of us walked out the door in a single file line, after much griping and grumbling.

Ace, being the annoyance he is, spread his onyx wings out, blocking a path for anyone to get around him. His wings spread out to a long 9.5 feet, the black feathers gleaming in the early morning sunlight. They were very pretty, but he was still being obnoxious.

Having everyone crowd into the minivan was another story. Wings were everywhere. CC's little light pink wings were folded up behind her, in effort to make room for my huge-ass wings. Ace jumped into shotgun and Moxy hit her head climbing into the back.

"Owwwww," she grumbled as she folded her wings into her back. Her wings were the same as mine, white with little bits of gold hidden in there.

Mom came out, waving goodbye.

"Have a good first day of school!" She cheered as dad backed out of the driveway.

Yea. Good luck with that.

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