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"What about girls?" A voice shouted out from my left. Laughter filled the room.

"I meant learning about how things WORK, mr...."

"Gage. Gage Freedom." The boy smirked.

Rolling my eyes, I looked over at Moxy. She looked enraptured with him, moon eyes and everything,

Elbowing North, I pointed to Moxy, who was still ogling the idiot.

North smiled, and made kissy noises, miming making out with someone. I giggled.

"Well Mr. Freedom, I think that you will now figure out how detention WORKS. How does Tuesday sound?

Lots of "ooooohhh" and "he got you!" Were murmured.

"I'm not so sure about Tuesday, how does Wednesday suit you?" Gage asked, smirking.

"I will see you on Tuesday. Bring chalk." Finished Professor Forsooth.

"Sounds delightful." Gage countered, sliding back into his seat. Looking around, we caught Moxy's eye, and winked.

Moxy giggled and, blushing, turned back to the Professor.

"This is the class you will dissect, write about, and learn about animals around us, and today I brought in an example." He gestured to a box on a table in the middle of the room.

"Inside here are wood nymphs. Tame, but make them angry, they WILL bite." He warned. "I expect you all are talking notes, yes?"

Paper rustled and pencils scratched as we hurriedly wrote down what Professor was spewing out at us.

"I want you each to take a nymph, and take it back to your desk, when I call your name." Professor scurried back to his desk.

"Derringer, Violet." A cute little brunette angel went up, took a nymph out of the box, and hurried back to her desk.

"Herington, Blake." A tall ginger angel stood up, took a nymph, and went back to his seat.

Many more names were called, until I heard "Bolt, Lacey."

Standing up, I strode to the front of the room. Looking into the box, I realized that the nymphs were different colors. Finding a pink one, I cupped her in my hand.

"Lacey, are you new here? I haven't seen your name before." The professor looked up from his giant roll call book.

"Yes, sir." I answered quickly, walking over to his desk.

"So then Moxy is your sister?" He asked, curiously.

"My twin actually professor." I answered, wondering why all the questions.

"TWINS?" He practically shouted.

"Um...yea." I mumbled, looking around to see if anybody had heard.

"Very interesting... And you BOTH go to school here?" He asked wonderingly.

"Is that not obvious?" Moxy said, coming up next to me. "Can I please get my nymph now? She pleaded.

"Sure sure, go right ahead," Professor said distractedly, waving us both away.

Moxy skipped over to the box, and peering inside, grabbed a purple one.

"I'm naming him Mr. Sparkles." She announced, bouncing back to her seat.

Hmmm. I thought looking at mine. What should I name you?

"Bubbles." I heard a voice whisper behind me.

Whipping around, I was face to face with Gage Freedom.

"Excuse me?" Who did this guy think he was?

"You. Should. Name. Her. Bubbles." He annunciation every word. Smirking, he said "see, she's even is blowing bubbles."

Looking down, sure enough, my little nymph was blowing a bubble out of what looked like, bubble gum.

"I'm naming her princess." I stated, trying to cut off the conversation.

"How adorable!" Gage taunted. "A princess for a princess."

"Oh go fuck off." I told him, dodging him and going back to my seat.

"What was that about?" Moxy asked.

"He was being annoying, not minding his own business." I told them.

North finally got called up, bringing back a white one with big blue eyes.

"I'm naming her winter." She giggled, tickling her nymph.

After a few more names were called, Professor closed his book, signaling everyone to shut up.

"These nymphs are your ENTIRE first quarter grade. Feed your nymph, care

for your nymph, love your nymph. I will be grading on whether you cared for your nymph, and how much your nymph had grown, both physically and mentally. You will be teaching your nymphs whatever you choose, but it must be magic related." He concluded.

"I've got this in the bag!" Moxy exclaimed happily.

I, was screwed.

The loud harp sounded again, as we filled out of class. All of us dropped our nymphs into the cage, disgruntled little squeaks emitting from their little bodies from hitting the bottom of the cage.

One down, five to go.

This is gonna be a long day.

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