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This North girl, was something else. She was just so... Different. Walking arm and arm across the field, I saw people give us weird looks. Some whispered as we passed. Moxy seemed to shrink, as more people stared and whispered. North, however, winked and blew kisses to the "adoring" crowd. I just held myself up and smiled as best I could.

"So what's your favorite class?" North asked excitedly. "Mines training! Learning how to do good things, and flying, and just all the happiness, it's the bet class yet!"

"Um.." Moxy said, looking to be in deep thought. "I like lunch."she finally concluded.

North threw her head back and laughed. Big guffaws so loud, that she drew even MORE attention to herself, people giving her the strangest looks.

"You're funny!" She sighed, finally getting ahold of herself. "I meant like, flying, or good deeds, or math..." She finished with a snort.

"We've never had those classes before." I explained. "Except math. We're new here."

"Ohhhhh." Understanding us, North smiled. "You're gonna have so much fun here! I can't believe you haven't had these classes before! Everyone's had these classes since they've been little baby angels."

"We've been going to school with mortals since we've been little angels." Moxy said distractedly, following the flight of a little butterfly who flew just out of her reach.

North stopped dead in her tracks. " OMFG are you pulling my wing? Are you serious? With MORTALS?!?! How did you hide those?" She spewed out, pointing at out wings.

"Really baggy clothes." I confided. Somehow, we had ended up in a hallway, full of bustling bodies hurrying to get to their class.

White lockers lined both sides of the hallway, as the towering ceiling had chandeliers hanging and twinkling in the morning light. The walls were white, but sparkled all on their own, giving the place a feel of a winter wonderland. Little glass tiles made the floor, with what looked like water flowing underneath.

"That must have been MISERABLE!" North yelled, to be herd over the buzz of other students, jerking me back to reality. "This is our stop!" She shouted excitedly.

In front of us, stood the tallest set of oak doors I had ever seen, so tall that they went all the way up to the ceiling. in fancy gold font, it had the word Bio." Etched in it.

The door swung open, as if an unknown force had opened it for us. North confidently strode in, Moxy and I following cautiously behind.

We took our seats in the back. Old dark wood desks started filling up with other angels as the beginning of class drew nearer.

"So," I turned to North, suddenly remembering a previous conversation. "Why couldn't we take the other way to our lockers?"

"Oh that's right!" North squealed. "Newbies are treated with a little, lets call it, a hazing. Seniors and sometimes juniors will round up all you new kids, and beat you around a bit, just to remind you that you're new, and possibly unwanted."

"What about you?" Moxy asked. "Have you ever beat anybody up?"

"Me?" North laughed. "Never. I don't believe in that shit, but I'm also known as "that crazy ass bitch" so that kinda gets me off the hook." She winked.

Looking around, I realized that the room was set up as a semi circle. The front of the room was at the lowest point, as all the seats slowly rose up the farther away you got. Like bleachers, except with desks.

Suddenly, there was a huge harp note strung, vibrating the walls and desks. Moxy, who screamed a little and fell out of her chair, started to hyperventilate.

"Wh-what the he-hell was that-t-t?" I stuttered, gripping the desk with white knuckles.

North was too busy laughing her ass off to answer me. Moxy was unsuccessfully trying to get back into her chair.

"That..giggle...was the...snort...bell!" She finished, breathing hard.

"That, by no means, was a bell. That shit was a harp. What the fucks with the harp North?" I growled.

"That's our bell, it's for the signaling of class starting!" North giggled.

Now why couldn't they just have a normal ass bell like the rest of us?

Moxy had finally gotten herself back into her chair, and was breathing in and out of a paper bag, some color returning to her skin.

"Hello class!" A voice boomed.

Moxy and I looked at each other, as a puff of black smoke appeared in the front of the room.

As the smoke cleared, a short squat little man stood. He had a little white beard, and wore a bright green suit and tie.

"I, am Professor Forsooth." He boomed. "I will teach you all you need to know, about all the wonders that surround us."

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