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North jabbered on and on while we walked to the main office. Or to our immediate deaths. Either one, Moxy and I were screwed.

"So I wonder why Miss. Fauna wanted you guys to go to the office? It's kinda weird but not THAT weird ya know? Did you guys do something? Like well obviously those powers, like DAYUM, but other then that..." She twittered, only taking gulps of breath every millionth word that spewed from her lips.

Moxy just stumbled around, being yanked on by North's iron grip, and looked worried.

I was the epitome of calm. Just kidding. I was so worried I felt as thought my stomach was in my lungs. What kind of luck is it that we get sent to the headmasters office on the FIRST fucking day of school.

"I think this is it!" North gabbed, squeezing both our hands in an effort to be calming. All she really did was almost break my hand, so my eyes started to mist up.

"Oh honey don't cry!!! It's gonna be fine, trust me! I gotta go to class! Just smile and nod! Admit you're wrong! Jk you didn't do anything wrong! Never mind don't listen to me, I'm CRAZY!!" Her voice started to get louder as she walked slowly away, winking at us before ducking into another classroom.

"So... " Moxy wondered. "Should I start crying?"

Sighing, I pushed open the looming solid oak wooden doors that stretched up to the towering ceiling above. Taking a deep breath, we walked in.

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