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Walking up to the office, I caught people looking at us strangely. Whispers followed us as I kept my head high and, pushing open the door, walked up to the front desk. Being the new kids, that was kinda expected.

"Excuse me I'm-" I started.

"Lacey Bolt. I know." Replied the older looking office lady, in a bored voice.

Moxy, tripping over herself, ran up to the desk, and stood beside me. "I'm-" she started.

"Moxy Bolt. And your brother Ace Bolt." Stated the office lady. Pushing her glasses farther up her fat nose, she stared at us for long enough to make us all start shifting nervously.

Looking back and forth between Moxy and I, she finally came to a conclusion."Well you don't look like twins."

"We get that a lot." I replied. Thank you, captain obvious. Looking at Moxy and I, you wouldn't even know we're related. But not only are we sisters, but twins at that, hence the matching wings.

"Can we please get out schedules or whatever?" I asked impatiently. Like how long was she going to stare at us?

"Here they are..." Pushing our schedules towards us, we thanked her and I quickly led us out. Something about that woman didn't sit right with me.

Holding her schedule upside down, Moxy tried to see what her first class was. I love my sister, but she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed if you know what I mean.

"What does 'lamina ecneics' mean?" Moxy asked, puzzled.

I came over and took the schedule from her, turning the paper over and giving it back to her. "It says animal science smart one."

"Oooohhhh! That makes SO much more sense!" She replied happily.

Rolling his eyes, Ace looked at his own schedule. "I've got Chem first."

A group of guys passed Ace just as he said it. Apparently recognizing him being the "badass dude who punched some new kids lights out".

"Hey man! You got Chem?" One of them called out.

"Uh... Yea?" Ace called back.

"Come on dude! We're gonna be late!" One of them gestured for Ace to follow.

Ace, looked back at Moxy, as if asking for permission. Moxy nodded and smiled, waving him on. Smirking, (Ace doesn't smile.) Ace shouldered his backpack, and jogged over to the group of guys. Lots of fist bumping and shouting commenced, until they wandered off down the path in the square to the left building.

"Looks like it's just us now." Sighed Moxy.

"Let's get to bio." I said, as I linked arms with my twin. Moxy smiled, and with that, we set off across the grounds to our first class.

So that last chapter really sucked. Like... Wow. I hate writers block. Anyways comment and thanks for reading!!! xoxo

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