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A gasp went through the room.

I looked over at my twin. She looked shocked, then scared, then angry.

"And what do you mean by that?!" Lacey roared. "Just because my powers are a little weird that doesn't mean that I'm going. To. Go. DARKE!"

And with that last shout, her eyes changed from their normal ice blue, to a stormy grey. Her skin started to glow, and her hair curled and started to turn black.

The sudden transformation startled a few girls so much that they fainted. Lacey looked frightened, and started to float higher and higher up into the classroom dome.

"Lacey!!!" I yelled. "Come back down! Please!"

But she didn't. Finally catching a reflection of herself off the windows of the dome, her eyes widened, and she let out a scream so loud, that it forced everyone to cover their ears.

"Wha...?" North questioned, looking up at Lacey. "This is certainly not fucking normal...."

During all this, Lacey had apparently calmed down enough, that her hair was beginning to change back to the white blonde we were all accustomed too. As she floated down, her skin lost its ethereal glow, her eyes became ice again and he just looked exhausted.

Miss Fauna, her mouth wide open, shifted over to where Lacey now hovered. "Honey, are you...alright?"

"I-I think so..." Lacey said, still looking a little shaken. "Wh-why did that just happen?"

"I think you should go see the headmaster about this...incident." Miss Fauna told Lacey, writing down a pass for her. "You may leave when class ends."

Lacey nodded her head. Shifting so that she could stand over next to North. North put her arms around her and gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze.

Looking flustered, Miss Fauna rustled some papers on her clipboard. "Um... Ah yes Moxy Bolt. Please dear, show us what you've got."

Looking around, I focused on Lacey. She gave me a thumbs up and a wink. Smiling, I turned back to Miss Fauna.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly started to rise higher off the ground.

Then I felt a tickling sensation all over my body. It started increasing, and becoming hot. Worried I looked around. People were shielding their eyes from the brilliant light that was radiating from me.

Then a red hot pain racked my body. I almost gasped in pain. Then there was a scream. Terrified, I looked down at my hands. And screamed.

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