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Looking at the schedule, I saw that we had "training" next. Curious, I handed the schedule over to Lacey, who in turn, asked North.

"Oooooooh!!!! Training! I LOVE training! It's soooo much fun!" She gushed, pulling us through the crowded halls.

"Well, what is it actually?" I asked, trying to get a straight answer.

"It's where you learn to fly! Use your powers! Learn good deeds! Because we're Lite angels, we might be given a mortal, to be their Guardian Angel! Oh that will be so much fun!!!! I hope I get someone nice. Having to help out a bitch mortal really isn't any fun, or so I've heard." She babbled.

Not looking where I was going, I ran smack into somebody.

"Watch it idi-" I started to chastise, but looking up, I shut up immediately. The person that had shoulder checked me, was Gage Freedom himself.

He smiled, and a little part of me melted inside.

"Hi. I'm Gage. Sorry about that, I wasn't really looking where I was going." He explained, his emerald green eyes sparkling. "Are you new here? I haven't seen you around before."

I was so in awe of his luscious black curly locks, I just stared like a retard.

"I'm, I'm, I'm,-" I stuttered.

"This is Moxy." Said North, oblivious to the fact that I was making a fool of myself. "And her sister Lacey."

Lacey smiled, flashing all her pearly whites. A sure sign she hated you.

"Nice to meet you Moxy," Gage winked. "I hope I'll run into some other time."

"I-I-I'm Moxy." I finally stammered out.

"That's already been noted, idiot." Lacey sighed under her breath.

Gage chuckled good naturedly. His eyes twinkling, he waved and sauntered off down the hall. Echoes of "hi Gage." And "Gage! Meh man!" Followed him.

"We'd better get to class," North ordered. "Nice talking to you, Gage! Bye, toodles, chiao, hasta la vista..." North shouted as she pushed me farther into the crowd, and farther away from Gage.

"Now that!" Laughed North, as we walked farther away from Gage. "Was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Are you always like that around boys?"

"No..." I defended. Gage was different, I knew it.

"Well if you mean babbling like an idiot and practically drooling, then yes." Snickered Lacey.

"Oh shut up." I mumbled. Looking around, I realized we were outside, walking towards a big glass dome.

North and Lacey were giggling away, as we walked up the steps.

"Here we are!" North exclaimed excitedly. "Training!"

Sorry guys I haven't posted in freaking FOREVER!!! Dontcha hate writers block? Anyways, that was very boring but I promise action is yet to come!!


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