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Walking into the dome, was like waking into another dimension.

The glass surrounding us shimmered like a rainbow, casting colors all over the room in an ethereal light.

"Wow..." I sighed. Looking around, I realized that the room was spinning slowly, and that our feet didn't touch the ground.

"Whoa!" Lacey exclaimed, looking down. "Why aren't my feet on the ground?" Twirling, she tried to make sense of the semi anti-gravity.

North just smiled and floated to the middle of the room. Looking at Lacey, I motioned for her to follow suit. Other angels were starting to show up, all of them perplexed at the fact they couldn't walk.

Settling ourselves on the ground,(there weren't any desks to be seen,) we all looked for our teacher.

After awhile, we heard the harp sound. The melodic sound drifted quietly to silence, as we all held our breaths.

Seconds passed into minutes. People around us were starting to get restless. Whispers and murmurs filled the dome, the colors in the room started to fade, along with everyone's excitement.

North sighed, "well that was fun."

Lacey just pulled out her compact and started to reapply her lip gloss. Looking around, I squinted my eyes, noticing a little glimmer start to appear in the middle of the room.

I pinched North. "Ow!" She complained. "The hell was that?"

"Look there," I said, pointing to the glimmer, now getting bigger and taking on a golden haze. "What the fuck is that?!"

"I have no clue..." North breathed.

There was a sudden loud clap. The room exploded in light. Everyone shielded their eyes from the harsh rays, some even yelling.

The room's light died down to the normal brightness, and everyone looked around to see what had caused it.

A little blonde girl stood (or rather floated) in the center of the dome. She looked ethereal, her golden, shimmery dress framed her petite body, then flamed out at the bottom, the hem disappearing into thin air and a few sparkles.

Her eyes, were the clearest blue I had ever seen. Even more blue then Lacey's, and hers were a little creepy. The woman's eyes took blue to a whole new level.

"Hi!" She said excitedly, looking around at us all. Her voice was like little tinkling bells. "My name, is Fauna. You may call me Miss Fauna."

Oddly strict for a 7 year old. But we all smiled and nodded.

"This is the class, that matters most. Here, you will learn your purpose, your meaning, and how to be a protector." She smiled. "Also your hidden talent."

Winking, she closed her eyes, and a flash of light overtook the room once more.

Wincing, I squinted my eyes to look at her again.

In Miss Fauna's place was an old, yet elegant, coco skinned woman with a black cocktail dress, and black heels to match. When she opened her eyes, they were the same as Miss Fauna's.

Some idiot in the back called out "what did you do to Miss Fauna?" Shouts of "yea!" And "where did she do?" Filled the dome.

Raising her hands, everyone quieted at once.

"Like I said, finding your hidden, or not so hidden talent." The room, once again, filled with a blinding light. This time, Miss Fauna stood back in the middle of the dome again, all of us in awe.

"Mine, is obviously shape shifting. Shape shifting, but only into other looks of humans." We all clapped. Looking over at North and Lacey, their eyes were sparkling and their mouths practically hanging open, drooling at the possibilities.

"Now, same rules apply. If you misuse, or use your powers for evil, they will be revoked and you will be exiled into Darke." She warned, her face hard and her words sharp.

"Now lets begin."

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