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Pulling up to a brand new high school in your dad's old minivan really had an effect. A bad one.

The van crawled to a halt right at the front doors of the colossal school. Hell, this place even had turrets. A stark white against the grey sky really gave the school a sense of foreboding.

Teens of all diversity were milling around the campus. Angels, just like us. Green lawns and little park benches gave it a "this really is a lovely place" look. Bullshit. I knew what this was. School, aka prison.

The car halted as we all piled out. Moxy got out, immediately tripping and falling on her face. Ace just kept his head down and stepped over Moxy, who was unsuccessfully trying to stand up, curse words flowing out of her mouth.

Gracefully, I stepped out. Standing tall and plastering a smile on my face, I waved good bye as CC and dad drove away.

"So... Now what?" Questioned Moxy, who had finally gotten up and was brushing herself off.

"Well..." I started, looking around for somebody to ask. Peering around the corner of the school, I saw a line snaking around the campus, and I'm guessing that led to the office. "This way!" I called, and confidently started walking, Ace following me and Moxy, tripping over herself, followed Ace.

This one was really short. Sowy. :( I had to study. But thank u guys for reading!!! Really means a BUNCH!!!! Xoxo

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