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Guys I am sooooooooo sorry for not writing anymore!!!! I had awful writers block and then stuff just happened so I'm so sorry!!!! LOTS more to come!!!!

I, had no idea what I was doing.

"I'm Lacey Bolt..." I said, my hands starting to sweat.

"Please, step into the middle of the room and show us what you've got!" Miss Fauna prompted.

Nodding, I numbly stepped into the middle of the dome.

Closing my eyes, I tried to copy North's moves. Slowly, I breathed in and out. I felt relaxed. Slowly, my wings unfurled and caught the light filtering in from the dome. Then, I heard gasps.

Opening my eyes, I frantically looked around. Everyone was gaping up at me. Confused, I looked around me. I didn't see the problem. I moved to the left, shifting my weight to help me, but no one watched my process. They all kept looking at the spot where I had been just before.

"Ha...haha..." Miss Fauna tittered nervously. "Um... Lacey? Where did you go dear?"

Laughing, I leaned over back to the right, and floated closer to the ground, standing right in front of Muss Fauna.

"Right here Miss Fauna!" I said, waving my hands in front of her face. She stared right through me.

The crowd of students started growing restless. Murmuring to each other, I floated over to North and Moxy.

"Ok that's weird, where the hell did your sister just go?" North asked, looking around.

"Guys, har har very funny." I joked nervously. "I'm right in front of you."

"I have no idea, she was there one minute and the next, poof." Moxy replied, looking worried.

"Wait a minute," I thought. "If they can't see it hear me..."

Forcing myself, I became agitated and then suddenly, everyone looked right at me.

"Oh thank god!" North shouted, as Moxy looked at me in awe.

"Invisibility...." Miss Fauna stated, looking at me funnily. "And how long have you been able to..."

"Well, just about 5 minutes." I answered, looking around.

"Very peculiar...very peculiar." Miss Fauna murmured to herself, making a note on her clip board. "Carry on."

Wait she expected more? Shit.

Trying to be calm again, I raised my hands, palms up, slowly, as I felt my hand get tingly.

Slowly but noticeably, my hands started to smoke. Trying again, I took a deep breath, and focused all my energy into my hands.

And then my hands were on fire.

Everyone gasped as my hands were engulfed in white hot flames. Yet I didn't feel anything... Closing my hands, the fire instantly extinguished.

"....very peculiar in deed..." Miss Fauna looked at me in curiosity.

"What's so peculiar?" Moxy asked, her eyes anxious. The conversation of other students trickled to a halt until the dome was completely silent.

"Well...." Miss Fauna looked torn. "Usually those powers, such as invisibility, mute, shape shifting, illusions and hypnotism are usually related with-"

"But she also has fire bending! And that's completely harmless!" Moxy flustered.

North cut her off. "Darke powers."

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