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"But the map says..." I started.

Lacey shushed me as she turned to the group, trying to guess who had talked.

"That's the way they WANT you to take." Said a tall, coco skinned, girl. I was guessing she was our age, she didn't look any older then 16.

"Um are you a student here?" I questioned.

Giving her a once over, I saw that she wore normal clothes, had normal, chocolate colored hair, and even was a normal height. Her wings were a soft yellow, like early morning sunlight.

One thing was off though. Her eyes, instead of a normal human color, were a startling gold.

"Whoa!" Sighed Lacey, apparently noticing the girls eyes at the same time

I did. "You have the sun in your eyes! Literally!"

The girls eyes flashed. Taking a step forward, she looked ten times more intimidating then she did a little while ago. "And what do you mean by that?"

Lacey, who looked about to pee herself, shook her head. "I meant that they were-" she stuttered.

She has this tough girl act, but it's all a show. She's a huge wimp when somebody calles her on it.

"What? Weird? I have hell in my eyes? Unnatural? Darke maybe?" She roared.

"Pretty." Mumbled Lacey. "I was going to call them pretty."

"Oh!" She exclaimed, immediately grinning. "Sorry about that. Some people are real assholes when it comes to THESE!" She explained, gesturing to her eyes. "I'm North!" Reaching her hand out, Lacey slowly reached out her hand and shook it. She broke into a smile.

"I'm Moxy!" I introduced myself. "And this is my twin,-"

"Lacey." My twin cut in. "what was that you had been saying about, what was it, Darke?" She asked.

"Wait. Twins you say?" North questioned. "Huh... Interesting."

"Well?" Lacey asked impatiently.

Fixing her hair, North turned to her group. "Who wants to explain Darke to the newbie?"

Lots of foot scuffling and eye shifting followed.

"No takers? Alright then." Sighing, she turned to Lacey and me.

"There are two types of angels. Lite angels, and Darke angels. Lite angels create peace, laughter, happiness and overall well being. Darke angels however," North lowered her voice. " bring death, fear, chaos and terror to people. Us here, at Wings Acedemy, we study to be Lite Angels. But over at Soul Academy, you train to be a Darke angel." She finished.

"What happens if you accidentally go to the wrong school?" I asked.

"That doesn't happen. Ever since you've been born, you're either Lite or Darke. Never has the book messed up."

"What book?" Lacey questioned. I'd never heard of a book either.

"You'll learn all about this kind of stuff in lessons." Finished North, not answering my question. "Those of which we'll be late too if we don't leave now. What class do you have?"

"Bio." I read. Actually having the schedule right side up this time.

"Lets walk!" She giggled, linking arms with Lacey and I. "I have that class next too!"

I had a good feeling about this girl.

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