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"My hidden talent?! I had no idea I even could have one of those!" I thought as we all started whispering excitedly.

"Now everyone stand in a line, facing me, no pushing." She scolded as two boys elbows each other, grinning sheepishly.

"I'm so excited I could pee!" Squealed Moxy, practically jumping up and down. North and I just focused ahead.

"What is your name dear?" Miss Fauna asked the first girl in line. She was about 5'2 with long, wavy strawberry blonde hair, long tan legs, and freckles all over. Her eyes were a stormy grey, and she looked confident as she answered in a strong voice, "Lola. Lola Clearwater."

"Alright then. Everyone, pay attention," Miss Fauna gestured. "Lola will be our, lets call her, our test dummy."

That earned a few laughs from the class.

"Now dear, breathe in, and breathe out. Keep your mind blank. Feel the earth inside you, the energy, the galaxy. Focus on that in mind." Miss Fauna instructed.

Looking focused, Lola closed her eyes and breathed in and out, the dome

Slowly circulating around her. Very gradually, she slowly started to rise, her silver grey wings slowly opening.

"Now focus all that energy, all those emotions, into your hands. Force them out!" Miss Fauna ordered.

With a determined look, her eyes still closed, Lola took a deep breath and poof! A ray of grey light shot out of her fingertips, the dome changing to show storm clouds. A little cloud appeared in the dome, floating in the center of the room. First, it started to rain, then thunder, then little forks of lightning shot out. Lola's eyes still closed, she peaked and her eyes sparked with excitement. Suddenly all of it disappeared. She looked exhausted.

"We'll done! Very god indeed!" Miss Fauna clapped. "How long have you been working on that?" She asked, picking up a pad of paper, taking notes.

"About 4 months, ish.." Lola said, slowly coming down off her wings and, like everybody else, hovering just inches above the ground. "I've been able to make hail sometimes too!" She added.

"That," Miss Fauna said, "was a wonderful example! Thank you Lola." Everyone clapped excitedly. I nervously looked over at Moxy. We shared the same fear. We didn't even know we possessed these powers, let alone practice them.

"Next!" Miss Fauna called. One by one, angels went up to show off their powers. One boy could create electricity, a girl could make her skin and hair turn different colors. The powers widened in variety from rainbows, to turning things around them into chocolate.

Finally, North was called up.

"Name?" Miss Fauna asked.

"N-North Sundance" North stuttered, obviously nervous.

"Please, go ahead." Miss Fauna prompted.

Closing her eyes, North breathed in. Suddenly, light poured out of her, every finger, every limb, had sunlight shooting out of it. Her eyes glowed even brighter then usual, kind of a possessed look. Shimmery glitter floated around her, drawn to her magical aura. Her hair curled and twisted in the power of her magic.

Everyone stared at her in awe. She looked like a goddess.

Finally, the show was over. She lost the beams of light and slowly became the North we were used to. Smirking, she curtsied. Nobody breathed.

"That...was...amazing!" Gushed Miss Fauna. "How long have you been working on that?"

"Oh just a few months," North smiled.

"Very good indeed! And your parents are?" Miss Fauna questioned, jotting down notes.

"Both Lite angels, born and raised in Flytedom." North replied, sitting back down with the rest of our classmates.

"Good to know... Now dear, who might you be?" Miss Fauna asked, looking directly at me.

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