Bonus chapter II

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Another bonus don't you just love me. No... ok..

"Luna hurry your ass up will you!!" Growling I flung my door open and yelled across the apartment.

" calm your dick will you I'm finishing up" sighing I walked back to my room and applied a layer of mascara and fixed my high ponytail.

Looking at the mirror one last time my door flew open and in stomped Leo. " excuse me who do you think your talking to"

" Oh I don't know some ass hat who brought me to prom and wants to marry me most likely" ok so Leo may or may not have mentioned he wanted to get engaged and um ya.

I'm still waiting for the whole proposal and stuff but he better hurry his butt up because I'm leaving for collage soon. I know me and collage. Funny actually I'm going for art and graphic designing.

I'm probably just gonna become a tattoo artist or some shit. I also am doing online school for mechanics. Yep that's fun.

Also ever one kind started dating their prom date so.... relationships are real people. " Oh that's it missy" oh no.

Being thrown across the room into the bed I bounced up and down. Coming over to me Leo started to...

Tickle the living crap out of me. What else did you think you dirty minded person you. Ok I'm laughing so hard I can't breath at all and I'm crying. " stoooooopppppp "

" not until you apologize" oh hell to the fuck to the no. I'm not apologizing for anything.

" never you peasant" stopping abruptly Leo looked into my eyes and threw me over his shoulder. While doing so I landed with an oomph and a smack on the ass. Also he's planning something I know it.

Carrying me down stairs I was meet with the faces of Adam and his guy Carter along with Kat and Chris. Cat ran to me and engulfed me in a bone crushing hug. " can't.... breath... I... see.... the... light .." Being released I gasped for air and was straight away being hugged my Adam then next Carter and last Chris.

" I'm gonna miss you lu" he mumbles into my hair.

" Oh you big oaf this isn't goodbye yet we still have one last night together. Now let's go to the restaurant then to the club" we all yelled and walked out the door.

Glancing one last time in the mirror at my outfit, which consisted of a black sleeveless crop top that the straps crises in the back with a pair of lightly ripped  high waisted skinny  jeans along with a pair of ankle boots with four inch heals or maybe it was five I don't know anymore.

Over my crop top I had a leather jacket which was gonna be a denim jacket but that died due to my wanting to add extra Badass-ness.

Getting in my motorcycle I winked at every one because each pair was in a car together and Leo by himself because I wanted to ride my baby.

Driving down the street I began realizing just how much I'm gonna kiss these guys. I probably forgot to mention this but my collage is in a different state. Aka I'm moving to LA. Fun times people. Tho everyone's gonna be so far away. Cry cry.

Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant I slung my leg over the bike and settled myself. Ok if I just fell that would have been terrible.

Being joined by everyone I linked my arms with Kat and Adam and walked in. Going to our table we sat down and started talking almost instantly. The arrangement was me next to Kat on one side and Adam on the other with our partner across from us.

Or during drinks and food we all were having a great time. I'm so glad that one of the last memories with these guys will be like this.

After eating out food we ordered desserts. After ordering Leo disappeared for a bit but came back kinda quickly. As our food a arrive my food was slid infinite of me and looking over at it I gasped. Sneaky ass.

Walking over Leo took the ring off my cake and went down in one knee. " Luna Cromwell will you do me the honor of marrying me" smelling I nodded my head vigorously.

The entire area erupted into clapping and cheering with some congratulations here and there. Finishing up the night at the restaurant we went to the club and partied all night.


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