Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

I gasp hell no what is he doing here. My body starts shaking uncontrollably as he just stands there smiling. Why why why??

" it's been a while Doll" he steps closer to me as I back up. for ever step he takes towards me I take one away. Then I feel the cold wall thump my back.

Oh I'm so fucked. He continues competing to me until he is towering over me. He tilts his head down and looks at me. He slowly lifts his hand up and reaches for my face.

" no! Don't touch me !!" I yell and shake. It's been so long since I've felt this feeling. The feeling of pure and utter fear.

A million different thoughts start running through my brain. Why is he here? How did he find me? Who else knows? What is he going to do?

He starts laughing. He can see the control he still has over me after so long. After all this time I'm still under his control. No I'm not the same girl from when he was here. I. Am. Not. The.  Same.

I refuse to let him do what he wants any more. " aww come on pumpkin don't be that way" he places his hands on my hips and holds on to them tightly.

" let. Go. Of. Me. Asshole" I made sure to lace every word with venom and emphasize asshole because well he really is. yes there we go lu you tell him. Haha.

His hands tightened and his figures dug into my skin. Oh no. I think I just fucked up. A with that a stinging sensation grew across the entire right side of my face.

And oh look it's the ground. My head hit the ground and I groaned in pain. Kick,punch, slap. Repeat. After about ten more he finally stopped. His breathing heavy as he looked down at me.

The warm, familiar, sticky feeling of blood running down the side of my face made me smirk up at him. " you still hit like a bitch" was I pushing it? Yes! Did I care? No!

He grinned down at me and keeled down and whispered in my ear" oh really now. Looks like some has forgotten her place" ah shit.

I close my eyes and prepare for one hell of beating but it never comes. I open my eyes and look around. He was no where to be seen. I take a deep breath and stand up.

I look towards my window and hear laughing. " don't worry love this isn't the last time you will see me." Oh hell no. What does he mean.

And what the hell does he have planned?


Ok so ya. I thought we could use some... plot twists and well a guy to hate

Hence I have come up with this son of a bitch.

I have him already and I just came up with him while writing.

Also I have been obsessed with this song lately so ya

Ok bye people.

~ The lovely writer if this story~ Alex

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