Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

And that ladies and gentlemen is pretty much how I ended up where I am today. I've gotten used to the life style  within a week of being here. And since then I've become a top

<present day>

I woke up to the sound of yelling and doors opening. I guess that means it's time to work great. I opened one eye and found the one and only Justin sitting on me straddling me.

" what the hell Justin get your lazy fat ass off me" I mumbles as I pushed him off me and sat up. I then turned and dangled my legs off my bed.

" damn Luna what a great way to say hi" I rolled my eyes at him and watched as some guards walked down my ward and were making sure all inmates were getting up and getting to work.

I hoped down my leg tingling as it hit the ground and I stumbled a bit. As soon an I regained my ability to stand and not fall over and die I made my way to where my shirt was hanging. To be honest it was just a make shift thing Justin made I couldn't even explain what it was even if I wanted to.

I took the shirt down and felt it. Damn it fuck it's still wet and not even damp no way in hell I can wear this. Guess I'm just gonna have to go in my bra. Oh well. I put the shirt back so it is hopefully dry by the time I get back.

I walked behind Justin as we made our way to get food. The entire way down the cold corridors I could hear wolf whistles and guys saying " I'd hit that" and stuff like that.

Oh did I forget to mention there is only 3 female inmates at this prison because it's for the worst of the worst....... like me. Hehehe anyway the reason I ended up here was cause they charged me for the entire gang but only sentenced me for 20 years.

I was able to get my sentence reduced to 5 because of stuff I did....... ill let you guys figure it out.

So ya. Once we got there I went straight to get food. I went over to the prison commissary and got some chocolate  beef jerky, mini cakes and a coffee. That's right you can get food and well these are just a few options but this is usually what I eat for every meal. Sometimes I change it up but also sometimes I skip meals.

I walked over to my usual table and Justin and the other 2 girls sat down after me. A few other guys came too but I have no fucking idea who the are so...

I popped a piece of beef jerky into my mouth and as my eyes scanned the crowed of inmates my eyes landed oh HIM.

He was starting at me?!? What?

I smirked at him and licked my lips then looked back at my food and joined the conversation.


Stop right there that's it

Do you guys wanna see someone else's point of view maybe Leo or Justin.

If you didn't know Leo is the name of the guard

Anyhow see y'all later

Sorry it is a shirt chapter I have soccer so off I go
~ The lovely writer of this story~ Alex

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