Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

~ Leo's POV~

What the hell? Why does Lucia of all people have their sights set on luna. How does she even know him?

I was pulled out of my thoughts but the sound of someone approaching and pulling my arm. " we need to get out of here..... now!" She yelled at me.

I nodded and threw her over my shoulder. She did not seem happy about it but kept her mouth shut. I smacked her ass and began running to my car.

Arriving I threw her into the passengers seat and slid over the roof of the car and slid into the drivers seat. Turning the key in the ignition I quickly pulled out of the parking lot and speed off.  I could see Lucia running after us with a gun in his hand. Oh shit.

" get down Luna I have a feeling we are about to have a shower" and with that the gun firing started. Bullets bounced off the car and some went through. Bullet holes could be seen everywhere. Damn I really liked this car.

Luna slowly began rising her skirt while trying not to be hit. " Luna honey, I know you want me and all but this is not the time to start teasing me. "

" Jesus, is all you think about is sex" she rolled her eyes at me and continued. She slid a gun out of some holsters under her skirt and broke her with window. Glass flew everywhere but she didn't seem to care. It's like she has been in this situation before.

Oh wait I don't drought it with Lucia. She crawled out so her ass was on the door and her upper body was out of it. I heard someone yell something about not hitting her and if they did they were dead.

She began shooting and trying to not beget hit. " left!" She screamed and I listened and turned. Jesus this is not how in thought my day was going to go.

~ Luna POV ~

I leaned on the roof bracing myself for the turn but continued firing. I hit the release button and dropped the magazine into the car. Sliding another out from my holster I clipped it in and cocked the gun by pulling the barrel  with my teeth.

Pulling the trigger quickly I hit the front tiers of the cars perusing us. After a good thirty minutes we pulled up to a warehouse at the edge of town. " what are we doing here exactly leo?"

" you will see sweat cheeks " smirking at me he winked and walked towards the building. I quickly reloaded my run and followed behind.

What is gonna happen now?


K that's it.

Oh the band and sing is five finger death punch- the pride and fun fact I might be going to see them and I'm supper excited cause like I love them

Anyhow you should go listen to their music

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