Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Why do I suddenly feel like my life is about to become like ten times harder and more interesting? Who know but what I do know is that school is finally over and I'm finally in my warm comfortable bed. I starred at the ceiling and hummed. After a while I gave up and got up.

I grabbed a pair I'd short shorts, an oversized hoodie and a cropped crop top along with my bra and panties. Laying the clothes in my bed I walked over to my bathroom and turned the water on.

I had finally gotten all the guys and everyone out of my house and no it's just me. I usually spend all my time and sleep at the gang house but I like to be alone sometimes. Turning music on, I stepped into the shower and let the warm water engulf me.

The hot water relaxed my muscles and just felt like heaven. I then used coconut shampoo and conditioner along with coconut body wash and rinsed off. Stepping   out I wrapped the towel tightly around my body. I walked out of the bathroom and to my room.

Upon entering my room a draft blew in and sent shivers down my spine. I turned and looked at my window. Open. What the hell I closed it earlier. I walked over to it and closed it. I then locked it and went to my clothes and put on my bra, panties and shorts when I felt like someone was staring daggers into my back.

I spun around and saw no one. What is happening? First my window now this. Something is up. I slid my top on and pulled the sweatshirt over my head and felt a hot breath on the back of my neck.

I stood still and took a deep breath and slowly turned around. Nothing. This is starting to sound like a cheese horror movie scene. I walked back to my bathroom and brushed out my hair and used my hairdryer to dry it. I put on some mascara and eyeliner along with some lip gloss before heading back to my room.

The light was no longer on in my room as I walked in and saw an outline of a person. Who the hell is in my room. And uh why? Talking one more step I stopped, watching them. I could tell we were both watching each other as we stood there.

The figure made the first move and started walking towards me. In a few quick short strides he was in front of me. I could barely see the outline of them. I gasped oh my god it was.....

~ Mystery persons POV~

I slowly opened her window and did my best to not make a song. Once it was open I slid one leg in then the other. Glancing around the room I heard music and water running from another room. I guess she is taking a shower perfect.

I looked around at her things and saw what she was going to wear. It was cute to say the least. I walked over to the corner and hid behind her closet door.

The door creamed open and Luna stepped inside. She had only  a towel on. I could see her visibly shiver from the cold air coming in from the window. Ops that might set off some alarms that it is now open. I watched her walked around and close the window and watched as her towel downed to her feet and she pulled on her bra and shorts. She spun around and scanned the room then went back to changing.

She pulled on her top and sweatshirt as I quietly walked over to her. I got as close as I could. Close enough for her to feel my breath on the back of her neck. She took a deep breath and I took that and moved away again. Not a second sooner she turned around again and walked out of the room.

I quickly clicked off the light and walked out into the open space of the room. I stopped around the middle and watched the door. It slowly screeched  open and out piped Luna again. This time her hair looked dried and brushed along with s one makeup possible.

She looked at me and took a step forward. What is she planning that sneaky girl. She waited to see who would make the first move. Knowing she wouldn't I walked over to her quickly.

Her head tilted up as she watched me and I looked down at her. She scanned my face and gasped. I guess she recognises me. That just makes this that much more fun.


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