Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Lets do this guys"

We all smirked and the madness began. The next thing I knew yelling echoed through the entire building and blood was everywhere. Lets just say when Chris wants something done we deliver, in full and then some.

And it just so happens that I have all the strongest fighters with me. But of course I'm the strongest out of everyone. Yay me!!

Right so during this madness of me kicking guns out of people hands and disarming people along with  giving them to others I got pulled to the side. My reflexes kicked in and I took the hand that was on my and flipped the person.

I looked at who is was and oh shit it was Ryder hehehe take that dick. He slowly got up ans smirked at me. " damn kitten still haven't lost your touch I see" I laughed.

" Me? loss my touch?oh that's the stupidest thing I think you have ever said and you have said a lot of stupid shit"
He rolled his eyes at me and out of the corner of my eye I see a gun pointed at me.

Shit I don't know if I can dodge it in time. Fuck this might be the end of me. Everything started going in slow motion as the trigger was pulled and the bullet slowly came at my head. I must have blacked out quickly cause the next thing I know I'm on the ground and Kate is standing where I was with a bullet in her shoulder.

Cheeky bitch moved me and made sure that it wouldn't hit a Vidal spot. Ill have to thank her for that later I guess. I turned to the person who tried to shoot me and sprinted full speed at them. Reminder I am really fast if I do say so my self. I took a knife out and let's just say what I did next was not pretty.

I took the knife and slit his throat with it and stabbed him in the chest. Ew his sticky warm blood was all over the place and on me. Looks like I'm gonna have fun cleaning up later. Please please note the sarcasm.

Anyhow I turned back around on my heals and looked at Ryder and everyone else with puppy dog eyes, looking as innocent as a new born. I slowly walked over to Ryder and kicked him in the face. He might be a while lot taller then me but that isn't stopping me from round house fucking kicking him.

I watched as he groaned and stumbled a bit. I took this as my chase and kicked him right in the balls. Aww that's gonna hurt in the morning. Oh well....

I took the opportunity of him dropping to his knees and grabbed some rope at the other side of the warehouse. I tied him up and who ever was left alive. We lined them up in front and waited for Chris to get here.

Two hours later

A jet black car pulled up in front of me and the door opened, out came a confident and cocky Chris. He looked behind me and looked back at me.

"Luna this was your doing wasn't it?" I batted my eyes at him.

" maybe maybe not " I shrugged and Chris started laughing. " that's my girl"

"Ya ya whatever" I laughed and looked at Ryder who was shooting death glares at Chris. Smiling I stuck my tongue out at him.


And here is another chapter people.

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~The lovely writer of this story~ Alex

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