Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"Ya ya whatever" I glanced at Ryder who was sending death glares at Chris. If looks could kill then Chris would be six feet under by now.

" alright let's get going princess" Chris nodded to the others and opened his door to get back in the car. " And Zack  cut Ryder and the rest of those idiots free."

" Nah it's good Chris I will do it" I said with a smile and nodded at Zack. Everyone was talking amongst themselves. Even tho people were talking it still seemed silent.

It was as though a needle could be dropped and as it hit the ground ever so slightly it would sound like an earthquake.

The sound of sirens snapped me out of my thoughts. Shit we need to get out of here now!!

I turned to the others and nodded we all began running to our bikes. Then I glanced back and saw Ryder with his guys. Ugh I can't just leave him here.

I turned around and ran back to Ryder. I could hear Chris yelling at me to just leave him and to just go. Damn it why can't I just leave the annoying arrogant cocky ass.

I ran behind Ryder and took a knife out of my pocket. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest as the thumping of my heart rang through my ears. I cut the ropes off Ryder and moved to the next.

I glanced at Ryder who just stood there. " go you fucking idiot before I regret helping you" I snapped at him as I got to the last guy.

Just as the last rope broke the cop car pulled up and men jumped out. They began shouting at each other and running towards us.

I spun on my heals and pushed Ryder forward along with his people. " go get out of here ill try to distract them " I watched as they began running and followed behind. I stayed a few yards behind.

I didn't think the police were near me until a body slammed into me and my body hit the ground. My arms got pulled right behind my back as more officers ran towards Chris and my friends no family.

I yelled as loud as I could" go run get out of here you idiots" the all looked at me for a quick second and drove off.

I stared at Ryder as he ran. His back muscles defined against his black shirt. I got pulled up from the ground and pushed towards a car.

A single tear rolled down my cheek. Damn it I guess that's the end for the misfits and me. I'm really gonna miss those idiots.

Once I was in the back I turned my head and looked at Ryder who was staring back at me. I shook my head at him and looked back at the front.

Just forget about Ryder, about Chris, about the misfits. Just like I did my real family. I turned my head and looked out my window.

The cold smooth glass pressed up against my face. A few more tears rolled down my cheeks and I quickly wiped them away with my shoulder since I was cuffed. 

I watched as the city lights became a blur and everything became black......


Dun dun dun

So many questions not enough time.

Alright I shall see y'all next time
~The Lowy writer of this story~ Alex

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