Chapter 14

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{Green lights - Lorde}

Chapter 14

~ few days after ~

Holy shit. I jumped out of my bed completely soaked from head to toe. Who the fuck- I looked up and saw the one and only Chris fucking holding a bucket and laughing his ass off. Oh hell no.

" ill give you two seconds to fun for your damn life" he abruptly stopped and his eyes widened. " come on now Luna we can talk about this" he put his hands up in surrender and slowly started backing up. " one" he yelled and ran out my door and I could hear what sounded like someone rolling down the stairs. I yelled " two" and grabbed my gun and knives while running to my window and jumping out it.

Alright that might seem risky but I'm used to falling from tall heights. Boy I'm like a fucking ninja. So ya. I rolled when I hit the ground and continued running after the roll. I easily found Chris and chased him. I took out my gun and shot at his feet all the while yelling " run bitch run!!"

Haha I'm so evil. I continued running after him then tackled him to the ground. I then straddled him and put my guns barrel to his temple and leaned to his ear and whispered. " got you "

" damn Luna alright off we got shit to do" I smirked and jumped up and stepped over him. " go get ready for practice " I nodded and ran up to my room and jumped into the shower. I quickly washed my hair and body then rinsed and got out. I wrapped a towel around me and walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of black sweat pants and and black sports bra and put a crop top style dancing sweater on. Don't know if that's the name for it but I'm calling it that. It is it's new name.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed my skateboard and went to our gang/ dance warehouse. I'm the top female dancer and the second best on my to Chris cause damn can he shake them hips.

I opened the door and put my skateboard on the rack and went over to Chris. " you ready to show everyone you haven't lost your touch" I smirked and nodded " hell ya lets show them how it's done"

We walked over to the middle and everyone surrounded us. Let's just say when me and Chris dance everyone and I will repeat EVERYONE watches us. I nodded to James who played the music for us. Our dance went a little something like this. :

After we finished I hugged Chris and walked over to the back area for the gang members and grabbed a water and walked up the stairs and watched others dance while drinking my water. One kid caught my attention. His build seemed familiar and so did the way he carried himself I swear I'm an idiot I need to pay attention more.

I sighed and finished up my water, throwing it into the garbage I walked back over to the railing. Hmm maybe I will go dance with him. And with that I put my hand on the cold metal and jumped over.


Run bitch run

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