Chapter 9

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{ Golden Days- Panic! At the Disco }

Luna Cromwell

Well times flying by fast. You would think being in prison you would feel like days would be years long but to me it goes by in an instant.

It's been a few months since the fight and my lip and eyebrow are completely healed ans that guard and me have become really good friends. Turns out his name is leo and damn that is a sexy name.

I feel like he really wants to get into my pants but guess what he isn't getting any. I'm a tease and a 'player' is you will. Justin's sentence is almost over on my about like maybe half a year or a little more.

He says he will visit me a bunch when he gets out but hey I'm not counting on it. I've uh had a lot of people just walk out of my life.

Anyhow enough if that depressing shit let's get on with life. As soon as I finished my coffee I went back to my cell and did a little practice. By practice I mean boxing and doing pushups along with a punch of other stuff.

What I gotta keep in shape cause let's just say when I get out of this shit hole it's gonna go down. Once I was done I was heading to the visiting area room cause knowing the gang some one is here to see me.

A pair of hands covered my eyes. " who the fuck has the obesity to cover my eyes cause I swear I still beat the living shit out of you" I said and tried to wiggle my way out of their grip.

" ow is that anyway to be like that Luna" I sighed it's just Justin he should know by now not to sneak up on me. " fine fine but will you take your hands off my eyes?"

" no can do princess you just walk forward and we will stay like this" something isn't right I'm telling ya. This guy Is acting weird. Whatever I just continued walking trying not to die on the way.

After about ten minutes I went to take another step and he pulled me back. " that's far enough kitten" I guess he knows about that nickname now.

I felt that hands on my face lift off but I was told to keep my eyes close. All of a sudden some one said" know ya pussy hoe!"

Damn only one person has ever called me that. My eyes shot open and ever one yelled " happy birthday" ans the people from the gang added on " bitch"

Jesus Chris all the inmates, entire gang and then some are here. Chris walked over to me " happy birthday what are you a thousand now?"

"No hell no who do you think I am" I totally forgot today was my birthday. To be honest I forgot if I'm 17 or 18 I'm like 99.9% sure I'm 18 but hey don't quote me on that I could be wrong.

Damn I've been in this prison for ever. I got arrested when I was what 15 maybe I don't know it sounds about right.

Let's just say I've been doing bad shut since I was like 9 cause I know sure as hell when I was 13 I should have been in prison too. But hey that's another story.

As people were giving me presents I opened them. what can I say I'm an impatient bitch sometimes. Omg I love these people. This might not seem like a lot but they got me bras, food, and posters to make the cell more homey.

They got me food... food us literally my best friend. Along with sleep that is. After the party I went back to my cell and I felt  like I never wanted to get up ever again.



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I was thinking should I time skip to after she is out of prison to like the day she gets out or nah kelp going for a bit longer in prison then skip.

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