Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

What's gonna happen now?

Following behind him I began taking in my surroundings to find an escape in any and all circumstances. Walking through the door I paused. The room was pitch black and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust.

This should be good....hopefully.

Once my eyes adjusted I could see the layout of the room. It was like a house in a way. The room was split up one section shade a couch facing a tv, other couches and chairs were placed against the walls, there was a pool table and some poker tables near some chairs.

people were sitting in almost all the seats. The couch had four boys on it and as soon as Leo walked in some of them got up to say hi and do there bro hug thing.

The room was loud as people were talking, laughing, and shouting. I stood diagonal from the couch and watched Leo and the boys.

He turned to me and motioned to me to come over and I did. I stood next to him and his arm slithered around my waist. " boys this is Luna, Luna this is Mark" he motioned to a boy with light brown hair and dark brown eyes and was around six foot.  " Kyle" a guy next to mark with blond hair with dark roots, blue eyes, and was about six two. "Jack" a guy with slightly darker hair then Mark, green eyes, and was about six one. " and last but not least Cory" a boy with jet black hair and brown almost black eyes, and looked about five eleven.

I nodded at them and got some what's ups and nice to meet yous and I got a wink from Kyle. I could have some fun with this. I smiled at him and felt Leo's grip on me tighten.

Hehehe let's see how much it will take to make him mad. Pulling away from him I walked over to a poker table and sat down. " deal me in" I said and glanced around the table. They all looked at me ans grinned. I threw some chips onto the table and grabbed my cards. Good enough it should work.

I won six rounds and walked away. I made a good amount of money but I don't know where Leo went. I walk to the bar looking area and get a drink.

When I turned around I saw Kyle and walked over to him. He smiled and hugged me. I looked over Kyle's shoulder and saw Leo flirting with some blond girl and something came over me.


No can't be...

And so I did what anyone would do... I kissed Kyle. He quickly reacted and soon his arms were around my waist. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back and into a wall. ...

Ops not a wall it was Leo... he looked mad..... again ops


I'm back!!

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Hope you guys like it

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