Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Luna Cromwell

Finally out of prison. I'm never NEVER going back. You gonna have to kill me first. I turned back to everyone talking and laughing. Oh it's so good to be back.

I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. Hmm only 7 oh I've got an idea. " yo everyone how about we go hit the club " I yelled and everyone started yelling ya and sweet and I think I heard a couple fuck yes.

I smirked and got up off the couch and walked to the door. " ill meet you guys there I've got some stuff to do first" they nodded and I walked to my bike.

I pulled out from the side of the house and speed down the street. To think that they still used the same house and everything damn. I pulled up to a house and walked up to the door.

I slowly put the key in and unlocked it. I walked in and sighed. Every thing is still the same as I remember. I walked up the stairs and looked around. No one was home hmmm interesting.

I walked back down stairs and locked the door then sat down on the couch. I pulled my phone back out and started writing stuff down in notes.

I nodded my head as I continued writing. After a while the door opened and I looked up. " welcome home " I heard a small gaps and turned my head to see Caleb. He dropped his bag and walked over to me. " is that really you Luna" I laughed " fuck ya it's me now come your twin sister a hug you idiot. "

Yep that's right he is my twin brother. I don't like people knowing about him so ya. I don't want him to be in danger and shit. I got up and he hugged me so tight I thought my rubs were gonna collapse and puncture my lungs and heart. " my diaphragm " I gasped for air as he released me.

" sorry sorry " he laughed and sat down. I followed and looked at him. " I can't believe your finally back" I sighed " feels good to be back"

Cable turned to me " you still sing and write music" I nodded and smirked. " what do you think I was doing while waiting for you" he shrugged as if he was an idiot and wasn't my twin.

I rolled my eyes at him " you a fucking idiot" he smirked and hugged me and sloppily kissed my cheek " so are you"  I gasped me an idiot who the hell does he think I am

Oh shook my head at him. "  well I'm going to the club so if you wanna come and invite people go ahead. " he nodded and I ran upstairs to my room.

I started searching through my old clothes for something to wear hmmm. Let's see oh I know. I grabbed the outfit and threw it into the bed. I then grabbed a bra and panties and out them down then went into my bathroom and took a shower.

When I was done I went back to my room and changed into the clothes. I then went to the bathroom and put make up on and did my hair. I walked back to my room and looked at my complete outfit.

Pretty good if I do say so my self

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Pretty good if I do say so my self. To be honest what I was going with this outfit was dangerous and sexy. I think it's good.

I walked down stairs with my phone and bag and waited for Caleb and holy shit he be looking fine. Damn us twins are on point. He had on a white shirt which was pulled tightly across his muscles and jeans. He also had a leather jacket on and another in his hand.

I smirked at him and took the jacket. I slid it on and looked d at him " and the twins are looking hot as fuck" he laughed and agreed. We walked outside and took his car.

Once we were at the club we snuck inside and went over to everyone. " sup hoes " they all laughed and we started talking. I got a lot of complements and acetone started reading me and Caleb cause we are twins.

I drifted over to the bar and ordered a drink. I finished it quickly and when I went to order another drink one was brought over. " I dint order this yet" the bartender chuckled as he finished setting down my shots. " no but the gentleman over there did for you"

I turned and looked towards that direction and saw.......


Cut bitch cut

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