Chapter 26

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really quick I just wanna say happy fathers day. To all of you guys treasure your dads you might yell and you might say you hate him but coming from someone who lost him just make sure to spend time with him. Even if it's an extra hug or an extra I love you it counts.

I lost my dad when I was ten on father's day. Ya the day your supposed to celebrate I lost mine. I hadn't seen him in a few month  before hand and me and my sister were supposed to go see him and my older brother. We were told that day that he had died in his sleep and my brother, 13 at the time found him dead in bed. My sister was 7 at the time but I was the one that got hit the hardest. My dad and I listened to a lot of the same  music he got me into video games and shooting paint ball guns and all that fun stuff. So just make sure you have a lot of good memories because before you know it he might not be there. It's been 3/4 years since then and I still miss him. My last memory with him was when I was playing football with him my brother and my sister. I caught the ball and my dad tackled me to the ground and my siblings jumped on top. That is an unforgettable day.  the moral of my sad story is speed as much time with your dad as possible. Mine was always in the hospital cause he had diabetes and I never really saw him all that much and he was taken away from me in the snap of a figure. At the end of the story will be a few photos of me and my dad along with my sister and brother. If you wanna see them then You can go down there.

Ok enough of my rambling and sad story on with the story.

Chapter 26

~ Leo POV~

Where the hell is she. Luna has been missing for two weeks. No calls, texts, she hasn't showed up for school nothing.

I stopped by her house and it was empty nothing, nada.

Where is this girl?!?

" Jax get your ass in here" I yelled while shifting through some papers on my desk. Soon a head popped in through the door and someone stood in the middle of the room.

" you called for me boss" getting straight to business are we? Good it's better that way.

" I did l.. I would like you and a bunch of the boys to start looking for Luna. She has been missing for two weeks already. " giving a quick briefing if the situation.

" yes sir we shall get started on the search immediately. "
Nodding I dismiss him and lean back in my chair.

Where have you gone Luna?

~ Luna POV two weeks ago~

Walking out of Leo's gang house I went home and grabbed my leather jacket and some money. Walking to my motorcycle I got on and drove to my gang house.

" hey Luna you got a mission to meet Chris in the office" yelled Sam one of our best female members. I nodded and said a small thanks and went to the office.

Knocking on the door I opened it an ad waited for my instructions. " you will be going on a month mission. You are to go undercover as a new gang member for the sweet devils and figure out their involvement in the new drug deal going around. They have a meeting in two weeks so I want you to work your way through the ranks and become the leaders second best and go with him. Is that understood?"

" yes sir" I nodded and left. When I arrived at the sweet devil gang house I made sure that my clothes were ripped enough, I was dirty enough and that I had a bunch of bleeding cuts. Ok ready. I knocked on the door and pretend collapsed on the ground.

Someone people were yelling and soon I was lifted into a pair of strong arms. Oh warm and toasty. Being placed into what I can only assume time be a bed I fell asleep. After about a few hours I woke up and looked around. A man was sitting in the coroner of the room watching me. Ok time for acting.

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