Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


"Whatdoyouwantcrazy?" Grumbled Leo as he shoved his face further into the pillow aka my shoulder/ chest.

" huh what was that. Please repeat I couldn't hear you over the little voice in my head calling bull shit "  I snapped back with a laugh at the end and pushed his arm off me and stood up.

" Hey get your sexy little ass back over her girly " I glanced over my shoulder at him and rolled my eyes and stretched. Standing on my tippy toes I stretched my back with a yawn and felt a sting across my butt. I yelled and jumped forward rubbing my butt.

" you ass " turning around to see Leo laughing hysterically. Glaring at him I walked over to the bathroom and rolled at myself in the mirror and rubbed my eyes.

I then splashed my face to wake up and washed it then attempted to tame my hair. " Hey Leo?" I yelled innocently.

I then felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a beautiful face aka Leo appeared on my shoulder. " yes love"

" by any chance do you have a brush" I asked again batting my eyes at him with a smile..

" I do indeed but the question is what will you do to get said brush" he asked with a cheeky grin on his face. Son of a motherless pig.

"Ill kick your ass that's what" I continued batting my eyelashes and attempting to look innocent. " now give it over"

" yes my lady" he walked out of the room and a while  he came back with a bag of stuff. I  looked at it questionably.

" what's all that?" I raised an eyebrow at him and he handled me the bag. I took it and opened it.

" just some stuff I brought her knowing at some point you would be here" aww my saviour. I pulled out a brush, makeup, and some clothes and.....

This dick ...

He got me a thong and a bra... aka supper sexy and revealing. " wow thanks " I said in a flat tone and turned him around and kicked  his butt forcing him to get out so I can change.

" aww come on let me in " I started laughing and answer with a ' no way in hell ' and changed into the bra and thong and put the short shorts on and pulled out a white crop top with no sleeves.

Tugging it over my head I brushed my hair out and put it into a high ponytail. I then applied massacres Smokey eyeshadow, and red lipstick just cause it was there. My ponytail fell to mis back even tho it was a high ponytail
My hairs so long.

I brushed my teeth and put everything back into the bag and opened the door. And with that I received a bunch of whistles.

I looked up from my phone and saw around ten guys in the room all staring at me eye raping me. I cleared my throat and all eyes snapped up to my face.

"Well if your all done eye raping me I have things to do" I paused and looked around scanning  the boys. " anyone seen Leo "

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Leo walked into the room and started eye raping me too!!  I snapped my figures " eye up here big boy" he looked up at me and smiles.

" I gotta go I've got some stuff to do" I skilled at him and began walking to the door but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

" is it illegal " he asked while crossing his arms in front of his chest causing his muscles to bulge out of his shirt. Damn his muscles and tight shirt. Oh I really just wanna lick them and..... no concentration Luna

" probably" I said with a smirk and pulled the door open and turned back to everyone.

" do I even wanna know where your going. " he asked rolling his eyes but with a smile on his face.

" probably not " I winked at the boys and blew a kiss into the room and closed the door behind me and off I was


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