Set up for sequel aka bonus again

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8 months later

Finally my first break since I last visited Leo, I can't wait to see him. Time felt like it flew by as I was suddenly in front of his house. Walking up the steps,I unlocked the door and walked in with a small smile on my face.

What greeted me next you couldn't have warned me about in a billion years.

Opening the door blood was all over the walls and floor. Bodies littered the floor, some had bullet holes others knife cuts.

Rushing around and checking all the bodies Leos was missing



Who would do this?

Where is leo?

All these questions ran through my mind a mile a minute as my breathing began to speed up. My brain began to stop working as it felt as if it had become clouded

" No no no no no " I kept repeating as the room slowly began to start spinning. Stumbling towards the bedroom my eyes darted around.

" this can't be happening "

And that's when everything went dark.... The last words I muttered were the ones I so hopped to tell him about

" the baby "

And then I was gone into a pit of darkness


I know it's kinda short but guys

A sequel for you

Are you happy


Ok well I'm gonna go now


~ The lovely writer of this story ~ Alex

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