Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Luna Cromwell

I know what you are thinking how the hell did I get in prison and for 2 years already. Well actually I've been here for 3 but my old cell mate kinda tried to kill me so I got moved.

Alright so here is how I actually got into this hell hole.

<3 years earlier>

Yawning I got out of bed and trudged over to my closet. Hmm what to wear what to wear oh I know. I grabbed a pair of super ripped jeans and a shirt with a skeletal hand with the middle figure up. Oh I just love this outfits hehehe. I snatched up a black lacy bra and a matching panties. I brought all my clothes to the bathroom and I jumped in the shower. Ah nice and hot on my bare skin.

After I shampooed and conditioned my hair and washed my body I jumped  out of the shower and dried my body off. I quickly put my clothes on and ran down the stairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a granola bar and a pre made smoothie and walked out side. I went over to my motorcycle and sat down. I checked to see the top of the smoothie was on tight then put it in my bag. I put the key in the ignition and backed out the driveway.

About and hour later I had made it to my destination. That being an old abandoned house with a crap tone of graffiti on it. It's mostly my fault, what can I say I like me some graphite.

Anyhow, I parked my bike on the side of the building. I got off my bike and went straight in the door not even bothering to knock. I was greeted my 6 guns pointed at my head and a couple of knives at me.

" calm the fuck down its just me " I snapped and walked  over to the couch and flopped down next to Chris the leader of the gang I'm in. I'm second in command but I'm as good as the leader cause half the time I'm in charge.

I leaned my head against Chris and listened to the briefing for the plans for tonight. No me and Chris are not a thing we have been friends for as long as I can remember and he is like an older brother to me.

He saved me from my ass hole of a father who used to sell me every night to different guys. He pretty much made me a slut. He would also beat me if I did something wrong. Lucky me Chris came around and saved me.

Well enough with the sob story I should probably pay attention.

" today we have a drug deal and we got a tip saying the scorpions have stole some of our stuff."

The scorpions- the second best gang in the world. The first being us. The gang is run by one of my ex's and he has been trying to get me back. Sucks for him ill never go back. Anyway they love to try stuff with us.

Oh if I didn't mention my gangs name is the misfits but people love to call us the shadows cause well actually I don't know why. Oh well.

" I want Luna on the scorpions thing and ill go to the drug deal and meet up there. I want carlos, Jessica, and Kate with her every one else with me. " we all replied with got it and we went to doing whatever we wanted to do.

I went to one of the closest and pulled out a leather jacket that had two hand guns. Oh my babies. I made sure they were loaded and grabbed a bunch of pre loaded magazines.

I put the jacket on and sat back down and took out my phone. I went through my messages and response to some. I then started listening to music and talking with the others.

Once 11 came around we all got ready for tonight. I slid on my holsters and changed from jeans to a short skirt. It was just long enough to cover the guns and knives I have on so it cut around mid thigh.



alright that's it for today or is it

Tell me  what you guys think.

What's gonna happen next?

Do y'all think I should do one of the boys point of view. Tell me who you wanna see.

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