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"Lexa Woods is out and about with mysterious blonde girl."

"Lexa Woods, new beau already?"

"Seems like our favorite bad boy has a knack for blondes. The other day, Lexa Woods stopped by for a coffee with a mystery blonde girl, then later was seen with on again off again love interest Costia Frost."

Lexa drops the 250 pound weights and sits up from the bench, wiping her wet forehead with a sweat rag.

"Who is she?!" Costia marches inside the home gym, causing a groan to come from Lexa's mouth.

"I don't think that is any of your business-" "It is too Lexa! Who's the slut?!"

"Jesus Costia we aren't on camera. No need to be so dramatic," Lexa rises from the bench and grabs a water bottle from the fridge, gulping it down before she grabs the boxing gloves.

The blonde follows Lexa, angrily talking and rambling while Lexa punches the bag, sweat beads forming on her head as she does so.

"Lex the moment people see you're with another girl is when they'll start calling you a cheater. And we can't have that. You need to stop seeing her," Costia trails her hands down Lexa's sides who looks up into the mirror, eyeing the blonde in their reflection.

Once Costia lifts her head up, however, Lexa sees a different blonde.

She sees Clarke Griffin.

Her blue eyes wide with want and desire.

"Why do you love making me jealous? I want you for myself."

She places kisses down Lexa's neck, down her back, until Lexa turns around, grabbing Clarke's hands.

The blue eyes mesmerize Lexa. She is drawn to the shorter girl. Her heart swells in her chest. She tries to comprehend what she is feeling but she can only from in confusion.

"What are you doing to me?" She whispers weakly at her lab partner.

"I know you want this Lex."

Clarke's face distorts back into Costia's and the feelings inside of Lexa dissipate instantly, followed by a feeling of emptiness. The feeling she is all too familiar with.

"You want this...just as much as I do," Costia traces the actress' abs, then plants kisses against her neck once again.

Lexa's eyes travel to the ceiling as she groans while Costia sucks on her neck, leaving marks all over.

"Fuck me," Costia husks into Lexa's ear, grasping her shoulders tightly.

Those two words send Lexa for a whirl. She doesn't know why she is doing this. She just knows that she is lonely. Costia or not, Lexa wants to feel someone. She wants to hear someone scream her name.

And who says that she has to know it's Costia? She can pretend it's someone else.

When Lexa closes her eyes, she replaces Costia's voice with one that she wants to hear.

The moans grow huskier and Lexa's eyes shoot wide open when she hears Clarke Griffin's voice moan out her name lightly and desperately.

Why is she imagining Clarke? Lexa doesn't like Clarke like that...does she? No, that's impossible.

Lexa never lets anyone into her heart. Nobody gets under her skin. Nobody can make her feel like that...but how come Clarke is making her feel like that?

Her mind is taken over by the moans and she snaps back, going full throttle. She grabs Costia's butt cheeks, yanking her up to sit on Lexa's waist.

She carries the blonde to the mirror wall and slams her back against it.

Their breathing increases volume and she drags Costia's booty shorts off, followed by her pink thong.

Lexa's lips trail down her chest, to her stomach and Costia moans out, "come on Lex. No fucking around..." Lexa's lips press against her center, teasing and her tongue plays around, dancing around that one special spot.

Costia tightens her walls as Lexa lowers Costia in her arms so she rests on her waist once again.

Blue eyes meet Lexa's but she sees Clarke again.

She can't get her out of her head. But she continues on.

"Lexa..." Lexa's name rolls off of Clarke's tongue so perfectly. You can hear the want and the arousal in her voice. It makes Lexa's heart pound hard against her chest. Her finger slip in, making Clarke's eyes tighten shut.

Lexa forces their lips together, passion flying and Lexa's brain almost shutting down at the feeling.

Clarke moans loudly, groaning as Lexa slips in a second finger, going faster now and more forceful.

Moments pass and Lexa pulls her head away to see Clarke's gorgeous face.

She brushes Clarke's blonde hair behind her ear with her free hand as her other continues to work even harder.

Then, Clarke's eyes roll back in her head as her chest lifts and falls rapidly, Lexa's name falling off of her tongue repeatedly, getting louder and louder by each scream.

"Oh fuck," she cries out as she orgasms and Lexa can feel her body tingle, her center beginning to throb erratically.

She sets Clarke down once she comes down and she smiles at Lexa.

"Our fucks never fail to be the best. I told you we still have something."

All of a sudden, Clarke is back to being Costia.

Lexa's body relaxes to its neutral form. Her eyes darken in color and harden.

"Sex is sex, Costia. It meant nothing. You meant nothing. We are nothing." She grabs her water and exits the gym, the door slamming behind her.

Costia stands with a flustered gaze following the brunette actress.

She could have sworn that Lexa felt something. Something strong. Lexa hasn't ever looked at Costia like the way she did just moments ago.

That look wasn't of their usual heat and desire to be touched. That look was of passion and love...want.


Clarke sits in her room, staring at the TV.

She has been sitting in the same spot on her bed for the past 2 hours.

She doesn't know what to do.

Should she?

Clarke glances down at the remote and sighs.

"Here goes nothing."

She presses PLAY on the remote and the screen plays movie trailers and company logos until it shows a girl running through the woods.

The camera moves up until you can see the entire forest terrain, mountains behind and a large lake on the right.

The title emerges with loud, intense background music:




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