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The bell rings, signaling the end of class. Lexa rises from her seat and sashays towards the door, only to be flocked with questions right as she steps foot into the hallway.

"Lexa what class do you have next?"

"Do you have lunch? If you do we can totally walk together."

"Can I have a picture?"

The green eyed actress heaves a sigh before a hand slips into hers, taking Lexa by surprise.

"Alright losers make way for the celebrity! Come on now! Move!"

Lexa recognizes Octavia and cannot help the feeling of relief wash over her.

Octavia yanks Lexa through the swarm and Lexa notices a sign reading Cafeteria on the wall.

"How did you know where I was going?"

"I stole a copy of your schedule from the main office. I work in there...sometimes."

The sarcastic tone makes Lexa laugh lightly.

"We can sit here. It's the elite table."


Octavia smirks, "duh. The popular kids? The ones with social lives."

Lexa nods, "right."

She sits down and notices a boy who somewhat resembles the blue eyed brunette. "Lexa this is-" "Bellamy Blake. An honor to meet you Miss Woods." Bellamy shakes Lexa's hand, who just gives Bellamy a tight lipped smile and a short nod.

Something to her seems off about the boy. "Pleasure is all mine, Bellamy."

As more people pile in, people go near the lunch table, but stop before the stairs, staring up at the table.

"Is there some sort of forcefield?" Lexa jokes and Octavia smirks, "just about. They know that only the elites get to sit up here." The actress' head bobs up and down before she sighs, "okay. Where's my food?"

"It's called a lunch line."

Lexa's head swivels to see Clarke Griffin sitting down, throwing an annoyed glance at Lexa Woods. "Excuse me?"

"Lunch line? Bring money, get on it, wait, and get your food. Then, you pay."

Lexa's eyes remain on Clarke's, her gaze only growing more confused. "I do all of that...myself?"

The blonde scoffs and shakes her head, "wow. The rumors are right." Lexa frowns, completely lost when she says, "what rumors?"

"You know, the ones that say you are a stuck up, spoiled brat who can't do her own dirty work." Lexa smiles at the blonde, "I like it when you're snippy." She pokes Clarke's nose, only earning her a slap to the cheek.

"Damn Griffin. Nice shot." Raven Reyes settles beside Clarke, a squeal sounding from Octavia who leaps onto Raven's lap.

"I missed you best friend."

Raven chuckles and Clarke smiles slightly at the two. Lexa observes with a quirked eyebrow, already seeing the blush on Raven's cheeks.

One of the strengths of Lexa Woods: she is able to read people.

"And I have missed you as well best friend that I just saw last period." Octavia smiles and glances at Lexa, "so Lexa, you know Clarke. And this is Raven Reyes, my gorgeous and wonderful best friend. Isn't she hot?"

Lexa grins, "very. Now, this lunch thing..." Lexa tilts her head at Clarke who sighs, "I'm getting lunch. Bells?"

"Right behind you."

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