Breaking the News

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Clarke walks up to Raven Reyes' pickup truck after school and before Raven can speak, Clarke does.

"Skaikru Grille. 30 minutes."

Raven opens her mouth to protest, then feels a pinch on her arm from Octavia Blake, who shoots the darker girl a stern look.

She sighs defeatedly, "fine Griffin. 30 minutes. Don't be late."

"No problem. See you there Rave."

Clarke pats the side of the truck and watches as it takes off, the tires burning its rubber as they screech to life.

"Talking things out?"

Clarke sighs to herself with a small smile, then tilts her head towards Bellamy's direction, "something like that, yeah. I got to head to the Grille...if we don't see each other this weekend then...Monday?"

Bellamy nods, "you got it Griffin. See you."

"Bye Bell." She hugs her friend and starts walking down the road, towards the Grille.

She knows she could've asked Bellamy for a lift but she doesn't want him to cater to her all the time. After all, she knows that he has a major crush on her. She has known since they were in 8th grade.

She just can't bring herself to like him back. It's not that she doesn't like Bellamy, because she does. Clarke is very fond of her messy haired friend. He just isn't quite her type. Bellamy makes decisions that Clarke doesn't exactly agree with. 

There are these things Bellamy does that just seems to piss Clarke off constantly. Minus the fact that he hooks up with a different girl almost every week.

If they were to get together, Clarke would need to see a change in Bellamy's behavior.

By the time the blonde girl arrives at the Grille, she is starving. Her lunch period is in the beginning of the day so she has been starving since the last 2 periods of the day.

"Hey Clarke. Usual?" "You got it Jasper," Clarke smiles at her tall, lanky friend and sits down at her, Raven and Octavia's usual table.

As she waits, Clarke watches the people that come through the doors. Couples, arguing couples, freshmen. It takes a good 10 minutes before the two girls Clarke has been waiting for arrives.

She stands up, going to greet them but Raven puts her hand up, signaling for Clarke to sit down.

"You wanted us to come? Here we are. What do you want Clarke?" Raven sits down, Octavia telling Jasper to get them both their usual and he does instantly, his eyes never leaving the blue eyed brunette's body.

"I want to be friends again Rave. All three of us are best friends. What happened was messed up but I had no idea you were with Finn in the first place."

"You knew how much I liked him though. You went behind my back-" "God Raven you don't even know-" "know what? That you slept with my boyfriend? That despite the fact that you didn't know about us being together, you slept with the boy I have loved since freshman year? You tell me how I don't know Clarke because none of your excuses will justify what you did-" "he raped me!"

Silence overtakes the three girls. Octavia's eyes are welling with tears as she scrunches her eyebrows together. Raven is sitting in utter shock as she stares at her ex-best friend.

"What are you saying Clarke?" Octavia whispers with a light shake of her head.

Clarke can't help the small weep that escapes her lips. "Raven I know you loved him but the night we slept together...I never told anyone the truth because it was better that way. I didn't want you to be even more hurt to know that he was capable of rape but..."

Clarke trails off, swallowing the large lump that's overtaking her throat.

"Clarke...Don't-" "no I have to. It was at Murphy's party. We were messing around and he asked if I wanted a I said thing I know, the drink tastes weird and I end up in a bed with him. God Raven I am so sorry...I never meant to hurt you I promise. I didn't even like Finn. I'm just...I'm so sorry."

Raven licks her lips and glances up at Octavia who is still in shock.

The darker skinned girl moves her seat to right beside Clarke. She wraps her arms around the girl and closes her eyes, "I told me."

"I was just...I was so scared. Raven I was scared that if I told he'd...he'd do it again. Or worse...I was scared that he'd do it to you. He told me not to tell." Clarke promised herself she wouldn't let her tears be because of Finn again. She spent the last half of summer crying over the boy who took her innocence.

She was a new person, after all. This new Clarke wouldn't let anyone in. Besides her best friends.

"Clarke I am so sorry. We're here for you, okay? We love you." Octavia soothes as she rubs Clarke's arm.

"I forgive you. I wish you told me sooner. We could've called the police. We still can-" "no! No don't...he already left town anyways doesn't matter." Clarke wipes her tears and Raven goes to protest but Jasper comes over, "your orders ladies."

Octavia smiles, "thanks Jasp."

Jasper's eyes light up at the sound of his nickname Octavia gives him and nods, "of course."

We all pay him and he smiles at Octavia, "if you uh...need anything else-" "I'll go straight to you?"

His eyes bug out and he nods, "y-yeah. Just let me know. I'll take care of you."

He walks away, leaving behind a giggly Octavia who only ears eye rolls from Raven and Clarke.

"You torture that poor boy, you know that?" Raven pushes O's knee who giggles, "what? I torture no one."

"Octavia you know he is hopelessly in love with you. You use him to get the attention," Clarke says, a guilty tone in her voice and Raven chuckles, "yeah. Attention whore."

Octavia gasps, throwing a piece of her roll at her dark haired friend who only grabs the piece and eats it, "free food. Yum."

"You're evil," Octavia snorts and Raven shrugs, "I know. You love me though."

"Oh do I?" 

"Yes, you do." The two best friends lean closer until the TV breaks the playful tension.

"Lexa Woods, who has been in the headlines non-stop these past few weeks has decided to lay low in Hollywood and take a turn towards the normal life."

Clarke's eyes move to the screen, as does Octavia and Raven's.

"Just earlier today on the Ellen show, Miss Woods announced her decision to head to high school to get a taste of the normal teenager life."

Clarke inwardly laughs as she mentally mocks the 16 year old diva. "Ugh she's so amazing," Octavia swoons for the movie star, only earning a snort from Raven, "please Octavia. It's probably a publicity stunt."

The blonde can't help the wide smile forming on her lips as she agrees to her best friend's words. Raven and Clarke both have the same outlook on the whole 'hollywood' life.

"Starting Monday, Lexa Woods will be attending Polis High School in downtown LA."

Octavia lets out an ear-piercing shriek that causes Raven and Clarke to cover their ears. When the two look at each other they both sigh, "this should be good."


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