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Lexa's green eyes open as she feels her heart begin to crack. Her eyebrows furrow, confused as to why Clarke would pull away.

Then, the blonde licks her lips, "I-I...I'm sorry Lexa I just...the last time I did this it ended up with my best friend hating me."

Lexa bites the inside of her cheek, trying to rake up a few words to say but she could barely think while her heart was breaking for the girl in front of her.

She just wants to kiss her again. She wants to feel the way Clarke makes her feel again.

Clarke looks up at the actress and studies the taller girl's pained eyes, then feels her own heart begin to ache.

After a few moments of silence, Lexa stares out at the night sky, "we only get one life, Clarke. How do you want to spend it? Only caring for other people, or caring for yourself?"

She looks back down at the blonde, only to see her at a loss for words.

Lexa's words came as a shock to Clarke. She didn't expect that. Anybody would never expect Lexa to suddenly spit wisdom out of her mouth.

But she just did.

And she's right.

Clarke licks her lips and glances back at the party, then out at the city of Hollywood.

" do you want to spend yours?" Clarke whispers and Lexa frowns, not used to people asking her questions about her life with in their voice.

She ponders, then shrugs, "I want to be happy."

Lexa's eyes meet Clarke's once again as her body pivots and Clarke licks her lips, glancing down at her hand, then lacing her fingers with the brunette's.

"Then let yourself be happy."

Lexa's heart spins and her eyes feel so fluttery and drawn to Clarke. She walks closer and places her hand on Clarke's cheek, then leans back down to press her lips against the blonde's but a voice calls out for Clarke.

"CLARKE!" Raven screams, causing the two girls with pounding hearts and hard breathing to jump apart.

Lexa looks down at her feet and Clarke stares at her, Raven walking up to them, Octavia trailing behind.

"Hey, what are you two doing up here?" Octavia smirks, making Lexa bite her lip nervously and Clarke clears her throat, "guys...really?"

"She's a good kisser, right?" Octavia beams at Clarke and Lexa's face goes bright red for she knows where this is going.

"W-what? Wait how would you even know?" Clarke questions, catching on fast, eyeing both girls suspiciously.

"Clarke-" "We made out on Lexa's first day. And my those lips-" "Octavia please."

"Oh did you?" Clarke tilts her head, her blue eyes narrowed into a glare at Lexa who feels more than ashamed.

"You did?" Raven says, clearly hurt by the news and Octavia shrugs, "what? A kiss is a kiss."

Lexa looks at Clarke, shaking her head, "Clarke please-" "no. Ocatvia's right. A kiss is a kiss. Nothing more. Guys, let's go inside." She walks away from Lexa, leaving her on the hill all alone.

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, trying to calm her racing heart. She looks back up at the starts, trying not to cry as she attempts to hold it together.

 She looks back up at the starts, trying not to cry as she attempts to hold it together

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