When I Look At You

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Lexa pulls away, her eyes fluttering open slowly, scared that this will all be a dream and she will open her eyes to her bedroom.

But she doesn't see her bedroom. She sees the gorgeous blonde she has been falling for the moment she laid her eyes on her.

Clarke's eyes open with a sense of confusion and they billow with emotions.

She can't figure out how Lexa makes her feel this way.

Her heart is confusing her. Clarke has never been attracted to girls. Ever. It was always boys. 

But then Lexa is thrown into the picture and fucks up Clarke's plan to live a normal life and date boys.

Lexa makes her feel things Clarke has never felt in her life before. 

"God what are you doing to me," Clarke whimpers out as she grips Lexa's jacket, biting her lip as she gazes back into the green orbs that absorb every inch of Clarke's attention.

"I could say the same thing," Lexa whispers, staring at the blonde who has taken her world by storm. The two girls stand in the classroom until the bell makes them jump back into reality.

"Crap uh...class," Clarke says and curses under her breath, not wanting this moment to end.

Lexa clears her throat, "right...uh...what if we don't go?" She displays a sneaky grin that makes Clarke's heart thud in her chest.

"Skip...class?" She is flabbergasted. 

Clarke never misses class. She's the smartest kid in the grade. A shoo-in for valedictorian.

But...Lexa wants to skip. With her.

"I uh-" "I won't let us forget this Clarke. We need to talk about us and I won't wait for someone to come and ruin it again."

She's right.

Clarke knows she's right.

Lexa knows she's right.

They need to talk and discuss their feelings for each other. And what these feelings mean.


Clarke glances around and sees kids sprinting to class.

"Just...not here. Come."

Clarke holds her hand out and Lexa stares at it, feeling like Clarke had just asked her to marry her.

Truth be told, Lexa would say yes. However, that's not exactly what Clarke was asking.

"Take my hand you goof," Clarke chuckles, making Lexa snap out of it and smile, "sorry I just...never held someones hand before without it being for publicity."

The blonde's eyes meet Lexa's, pity written all over.

"God I'm sorry Lexa that's horrible...guess I'll take your pure hand-holding virginity."

Lexa laughs with the blonde and slips her fingers through Clarke's following her to an auditorium.

"Why are we on a stage?" Lexa asks, making Clarke smile, "I come here when I need peace. It's a safe place. Barely anyone comes in here and drama club isn't until after school."

"Got it." Lexa spins on the floor and nails it, smiling at the empty seats in the audience.

"You enjoying yourself up there?" Clarke giggles, admiring the dorky side of the brunette.

"Precisely...dance with me." Lexa gives her a toothy grin, looking like a little kid on Christmas morning.

"What? No, I don't...dance."

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