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"Welcome Lexa, it is an honor to have you here today. You just got off of school how long ago?" Billy questions as he gets situated in his interview chair.

Lexa shrugs and grips the microphone, "uh just about 3 hours ago, yeah. That seems right. There a clock in here? I suck with time." She chuckles lightly while looking around, making Billy laugh, "here take my watch."

He takes it off his wrist and hands it to her. Lexa squints, "fuck dude why are the numbers so damn tiny? Do you have like super vision?" 

He laughs with her once again until she nods, "yeah about three hours ago." 

Billy asks then about school, "so how's that going for you? You enjoying the normal life?"

Lexa ponders for a moment and shrugs, "I enjoy it. I met some cool people but it is hard at times. I'm still getting used to it, you know?"

The interviewer nods and clears his throat, "that's good. You'll get the hang of it, I'm sure."

"Thanks," Lexa smiles genuinely but doesn't realize that her smile will be fading within the next few seconds.

"Now recently there has been About you, yes?"

Lexa already knows where this is going, but she grows hostile and feels more than irritated that they can't stick to talking about her career as an actress, not the headlines she creates or the people she hangs around with.

"I don't know Bill. Every magazine seems to have some sort of headline about me, so why don't you inform me what the story is this time? I bought a house in Africa? Or maybe Japan? Oh! Or I am married with 4 kids!" 

Lexa displays a sarcastic 'I am not amused' smile, touching it with a tilt of her head.

Bill stiffens in his chair, biting his lip, "well, no. Just talk about you hanging around a girl, a blonde girl...any comments on who she is? Your relationship with her? She a new girlfrie-" "That's the thing with you people."

The air thickens in the room. Lexa's green eyes go dark with fury and hatred as the interviewer feels as if he wants to crawl under a rock.

"E-excuse me?"

Lexa scoffs, "you see me with another human and just assume that we are dating. You think this person is my new 'love interest'. I swear I could go on the streets with a guy and people would instantly say we are dating, despite the fact that I am a raging lesbian. You want the truth? Here. She is a human female who I am friends with. Nothing more. I am allowed to be single, you know."

Before he can save himself, Lexa is already up and out of the studio, slamming the door behind her, Indra following.

"Lexa. Lexa!" "What Indra?!"

She whips around, her face beat red with fury, her hands balled up into tight fists.

"Lexa take a breather, okay? You cannot just walk out of an interview like that! We are trying to-" "clean my image, I know. Well has it ever occurred to you that I don't give a shit about my image?" Her teeth are clenched and her voice is low with bubbling anger.

"Well you should! Because with your behavior lately, you're going to need to start caring Lexa, for both of our sakes."

"NO! It's for your sake! You're so worried about me making relationships with people from school because they're nobodies. Well guess what? They're the realest people I have ever met. And Clarke? She's not my girlfriend-" "and she never will be, Lexa." Indra's voice darkens as she walks closer to her daughter.

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