Scholar by WinterFantasies
Scholarby ☆
[COMPLETED] [Warning: Strong language used throughout the book.] He put his hand over my notebook and the other over mine. I glared up at him, his golden brown eyes catc...
  • sad
  • romance
  • boys
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Loving The Girl Next Door || GxG by VMichelson
Loving The Girl Next Door || GxGby Vera
Natalia Bennett could never understand why she didn't feel inclined to date, no matter how much her best friend harassed her about it. She came up with a multitude of ex...
  • loveislove
  • love
  • gxg
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Larry Stylinson (Socialmedia) by ellabarone
Larry Stylinson (Socialmedia)by J❤️ - Ella🌌
in which one direction is on hiatus and the boys make solo music. Louis and Harry learn to Love each other. - Louis and Harry are both singers :D - In form of Socialmedi...
  • bromance
  • friendship
  • gays
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Chemistry by Leslie_writes
Chemistryby Leslie
The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support he...
  • lgbtlove
  • lesbian
  • sexy
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From Different Worlds | Choni by Sweetlily100
From Different Worlds | Choniby »Lily«
Cheryl Blossom is the shy, nerdy girl at Riverdale high. She doesn't really have friends other than her cousins and her brother. That's until Toni Topaz, Riverdale high'...
  • cherylxtoni
  • lesbianromance
  • loveislove
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Falling for you | Choni  by Sweetlily100
Falling for you | Choni by »Lily«
Two girls raised on different sides of the small town of Riverdale, both with different backgrounds and personal issues. But they both just want one thing, happiness, an...
  • fangs
  • kevinkeller
  • bettycooper
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Tú, simplemente tú by MaquiiAcebedo
Tú, simplemente túby MaquiiAcebedo
Daniela Calle y María José Garzón (poché) "la pareja del año en crisis"... eso lo leyó Poché que cada vez que volvía a leer el titulo más se fastidiaba. Poché:...
  • cache
  • pochosaurus
  • danielaacallee
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girls | g.d by -brckhmptns
girls | g.dby ً
❝my parents don't know what's gotten into me since i've met you❞
  • dt
  • loveislove
  • graysondolan
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Ouran Highschool Host Club one shots by Sweet_sacrafice
Ouran Highschool Host Club one Jamie
These are just some one shots and some scenarios I put you guys in concerning the host club and more. Some of it is gay (depending on the reader) so please expect Haruhi...
  • mori
  • gaylove
  • tamaki
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I'M KARA DANVERS by xthecrazyfangirlxo
I'M KARA DANVERSby TayTay <3 /Anita
Supergirl. She was brave, selfless, kind, beautiful, and more powerful than any human could ever dream of being. Lena Luthor had always had a weakness for powerful women...
  • loveislove
  • supergay
  • beyou
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platonically, of course. ✩ l.s by anetherealmess
platonically, of course. ✩ l.sby larry owns me
harry moves from his old neighbourhood and is now the new cute kid at school and becomes quick friends with louis and the rest of his friends. will harry be able to reco...
  • cute
  • daddykink
  • harrystyles
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Just friends // jachary  by datfanaccount
Just friends // jachary by Lillie
Jack and zach are just 2 members of why don't we, who are very close friends. Who knew how close they actually were.
  • lgbtfiction
  • eben
  • jackavery
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Randy||bxb||Roadtrip Oneshots by Nannapl
Randy||bxb||Roadtrip Oneshotsby Nannapl
Different one-shots of the ship Randy, Rye Beaumont and Andy Fowler. Some with the other boys from Roadtrip and some au. Updates every Friday. * Fluff * Long chapters ...
  • andyfowler
  • roadies
  • bxb
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Forced To Marry .. //L.S by larrysbelieber817
Forced To Marry .. //L.Sby larrysbelieber817
Louis Tomlinson is a 19 yr old young boy who has a very difficult life ...... getting raped everyday and night to getting abused by his father....his life is a living he...
  • gay
  • larry
  • stylinson
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I Am Human (bxb) by The13thDemon
I Am Human (bxb)by The13thDemon
*COMPLETED* I am Jasper Sparks. I am my own stereotype. I am strong. I am worth it. I am human. For an eighteen year old who's life has been a mess filled with being the...
  • bxb
  • yaoi
  • manxman
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Why  by boolove1798
Why by Lovely
Why why does he not love me Sequel to moments See the side you didn't get to see.
  • roadtrip
  • love
  • hệ
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The Ice Queen || Randy by -_B-4_-
The Ice Queen || Randyby b-4
《 don't go near the Fire King, you're gonna get burn again 》 ... [ Where andy and rye are the most popular guys at school, andy as the cold, loner, famous model and rye...
  • ryebeaumont
  • andyfowler
  • roadtrip
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Demi Lovato Imagines /One Shots  by HaleFreak
Demi Lovato Imagines /One Shots by HaleFreak
Just a bunch of Imagines about the one and only Demetria Devonne Lovato for us to enjoy 😉 PS: none of these are mine, unless I say so :)
  • loveislove
  • girlxgirl
  • pride
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Her Smell by kate28_ss
Her Smellby Kate Marie
Cara Delevingne, 26, is a world renowned supermodel and actress. She is a British socialite and an advocate. She is a self confessed "fluid" and is known to ha...
  • cashley
  • romance
  • billionaire
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