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School the next day proves to be filled with awkward. And the next day. And the rest of the week.

Lexa and Clarke don't speak a word to one another. Octavia hangs around Lexa like a koala hangs on a tree.

"So what's going on with you and camera face?" Raven says as Clarke grabs her bag out of her locker.

"What do mean what's going on? Nothing."

"Yeah? Then why did you just start blushing?"

Clarke stops in her tracks and looks around for a mirror, shoving a kid out of his locker to look inside and gasps, covering her cheeks.

"I'm not...I'm just hot."

"It's like 60 degrees in the hallway," Raven deflects with a smirk, then grabs Clarke's arm, dragging her outside.


"Clarke I am saving you from the embarrassment of the public eye and hiding you in my jeep. Now. Why don't you tell me what's going on." She smiles at her blonde best friend after locking the doors.

"Raven nothing-" "Clarke. I know when you lie. Just say it."

Clarke sighs and groans, "I can't say it."

"Why not?"

"Because! If I say it then it makes it real. I don't want it to be real, Raven. What if I get rejected? I'll be crushed. I'm Clarke Griffin. I don't get attached to people anymore. Not since he-who-shall-not-be-named."

Raven bites her lip and nods, "okay but what if when you say it, it becomes real works out?"

Clarke ponders.

She never thought about that side of it. What if it does work out? What if she becomes happy for once?

But that's impossible. It won't work out.

"Clarke, just say it."

She whimpers in fear and sighs, "fine. I li-" "LEXA! OH MY GOD!" Girls sprint into the parking lot with signs and paparazzi flashes cameras as Lexa Woods walks out of school, over to her car that pulled up.

Clarke watches out the window and Raven rolls it down to get a better view.

Lexa looks at the car, then looks past it, seeing Clarke in Raven's black jeep.

"Clarke," Lexa smiles and walks right over, ignoring the screams and shouts from the entourage. "Hey."

Clarke hides her major blush at the fact that Lexa skirted past all people just to come talk to her.

"Uh...h-hey. What's up?"

Lexa looks slightly to her side and sighs, "ignore them. Um, listen. I hope that the interview didn't...make you feel weird or anything. I know that I acted out-" "they were butting into your life, you had the right to. No worries."

Lexa's eyes bulge out in shock, "wait...really? But I thought you hate when I-" "you're still an ass."

Raven can't hold back the chuckle from the driver's seat and Lexa can't hold back the smile with an eye roll.

"Of course."

Clarke smiles softly and glances away, but jumps when the car horn sounds and an actress shouts, "Lexie!"

Costia waves and smiles, making Lexa groan, "God smite me."

Clarke giggles, "I think your girlfriend is calling you."

Lexa glares up at Clarke, "you're evil."

The blonde sarcastically shrugs with a curt smile, "I try my best."

The green eyed actress bites her lip then chuckles, "anyways. She's not my girlfriend. Just a grade A pain in my ass. She won't leave me alone."

Clarke steals yet another glance at Costia who is getting impatient as has now gotten out of the car. Paparazzi follows her shouting things and snapping pictures of Lexa and Clarke.

"Look, your not-so-much girlfriend is coming over here and she is giving me the evil eye so maybe you should go over to her."

"Lexie. Come on, we have that party remember?" Costia grabs Lexa's arm with a giggle and smiles at Clarke, "hi, I don't think we've met. I'm Costia Frost. But you knew that."

Clarke, irritated smiles sarcastically with a tilt of her head, "and I'm Clarke Griffin. But I knew that." 

Lexa laughs, "you should come tonight."

"What?" Both Clarke and Costia shout and Lexa smiles, "why not? Here." She grabs Clarkes phone and types in it. "There, you have my number. I'll text you the details. You can come too Raven. And Octavia."

Clarke feels more blush come on as she looks at Raven who just shrugs with a knowing smirk at Clarke.

"Yeah sure...thanks, Lexa."

"Sure. See you." She walks away and gets in the car, ignoring the paparazzi and screams, then drives away with Costia yapping her ear off.

"Did we just get invited to a Hollywood party?" Clarke whispers as she shuts the window.

She looks over to her best friend who seems just as stunned as her. "Yeah, Clarke. I think we did."


"What do you mean you're going with Clarke? That girl from your school?" Indra follows Lexa to her room as she sorts through clothes.

"You heard what I said. I'm going with Clarke and she's bringing our other friends."

"Lexa. Did our conversation last week mean nothing to you?"

"Hey look! You're catching on!" Lexa smiles as she pulls the white tee over her head, rolling the sleeves and letting her dark washed black ripped jeans sag just enough to show off her black girl boxers.

"Lexa-" "Indra I've thought about this and came to a decision. I can be friends with who I want, I can talk to who I want and I can do who I want. Understood?"

"You're missing the fact that this will ruin you-" Lexa spins around, her face dark with fury as she marches over to Indra, towering over her, "and you're missing the fact that I sign your paycheck."

Indra clamps her mouth shut and ducks her head, "I'm sorry-" "I know. Now move out of my way. I have a party to get to."

Lexa brushes past her adoptive mother and looks down at her phone when she feels it buzz, an instant smile appearing on her lips when she sees who it is.

Hey, it's Clarke

L- About time. Had a hunch that you'd ditch.

C-Almost did. Why, miss me?

Lexa stares at her phone in shock. Her cheeks heat up and she has to sit down before she continues. For some odd reason, Clarke's forwardness makes Lexa turned on, even.

Lexa feels her confidence rising yet again so she replies.

L-Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. What's it to you?

C-What makes you think I actually care?

Lexa groans out loud, "what are you doing to me?"

She bites her lip and answers,

L-I'm on my way. Send me your address.


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