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Falling for the Badboy by Yasmine_Haven
Falling for the Badboyby Yasmine Fields
Terribly shy Nerdy Quiet But full of secrets Yeah that's me, Melissa King Silent Smart Badass With nothing to hide That's him, Zach Matthews As you can see, we are polar...
  • teenfiction
  • cursing
  • love
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The Scars Behind The Closed Doors: A BTS Mafia AU by ten-the-gay
The Scars Behind The Closed ten-the-gay
SeokJin Kim- 26// Undercover Queen of Mafia Kim// Husband of Namjoon Namjoon Kim- 28// Undercover Mafia King// Husband of SeokJin Yoongi Min- 25// Namjoon best friend...
  • mafiaau
  • fckboi
  • jokes
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When the Tomboy meets the Playboy by joathea_1997
When the Tomboy meets the Playboyby jungkook's property
Park Y/n, an 18 y/o girl or Tomboy who acts like a boy, hangouts with boys and she likes Lisa, the nerd. She transfered in Seoul University or SU where she met the scho...
  • nosmut
  • jeonjungkook
  • bts
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His Pregnant Android | DBH Hank x Connor Mpreg by Uncle_Johnny_Boi
His Pregnant Android | DBH Hank John Wick :3
Connor has some big news, he's pregnant! But Hank surely doesn't know how to take all of that in. I mean, Connor's an android, how can an android get pregnant? But Conno...
  • mpreg
  • cursing
  • dbh
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Karma Is Handwritten ✔️ by IAmEmmaHey
Karma Is Handwritten ✔️by Emma
Ava Harrison is most definitely a firm believer in Karma, whether it being good or bad, whether it hits her or a complete stranger. But what if it hits both of them in o...
  • 18
  • dance
  • high
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Oh Brothers! by Lun_ar
Oh Brothers!by Lun
Avery lives with her 4 older brothers after both of her parents pass away. They love to tease her, fight her, annoy her, and push her around. How do you think Avery deal...
  • strict
  • overprotective
  • firstbook
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Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [ Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
  • ewtom
  • mattedd
  • eddmatt
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His Special Slave | BLOSSICK by Angelwithfeelings
His Special Slave | BLOSSICKby 📚
"You tell me you love me, but how come you're still abusing me?"-Blossom Utonium Started: July 4, 2017 Finished: ??
  • violence
  • torture
  • depression
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Hell Couldn't Hold Him [ON HOLD TEMPORARILY] by IAmCandi
Hell Couldn't Hold Him [ON HOLD AcademyAddict
Alpha. Male. Powerful. Dangerous. Hated. Youngest of 7 brothers. First to Hunt. First to Kill. Sent to Hell by a combination of his mother, father, and all brothers powe...
  • cursing
  • romance
  • aniyah
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Red Leader and Blue Void (TOMTORD) by TheDizzyVeronica
Red Leader and Blue Void (TOMTORD)by yeet yeet you boutta get beat
Tord and his army are about to rule the world, but a leader always gets what he wants Oc's will be added just ask and I will add your eddsworld Oc
  • ốc
  • army
  • tomtord
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Coca Scenes  by ZoeGabany
Coca Scenes by Zoe Gabany
These are scenes of the villain in my series, the Hylian Lady and Leader of Darkness, Coca. Hope you enjoy!
  • cursing
  • action
  • magic
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Energytale 0.2 by TheAwkwardPersonz
Energytale 0.2by The most Awkward Person on Ea...
Another human has fallen. Poorly written and thought of Undertale AU. Picture by Nat (i think phosec) We miss you. First version on @Inxonix (discontinued) (uncensored c...
  • cursing
  • horriblewriting
  • burnthis
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The Mark by AlphaMisty
The Markby
When the first female werewolf is bitten into the werewolf world, who do you think will have the power to mark her and wipe her off her feet? Not to mention, she's stron...
  • alpha
  • sass
  • cursing
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Mayutopia by catgrimsley
Mayutopiaby Cat Grimsley
Mayu Amano is a normal girl. She just sees things differently from everyone else. They see tragedy. She sees souls.
  • femaleprotagonist
  • science-fantasy
  • action
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Torn Apart by Fairytale
Torn Apartby Kim
  • cursing
  • torn
  • broken
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•~Love found in the snow~•[COMPLETED] by SolluxCaptor16
•~Love found in the snow~•[ MageOfHeartandDoom
Karkat x troll!reader: You were found in the snow by Kanaya when you were a grub. You were about to die when you were in the snow. She raised you until you were 6 sweeps...
  • lemon
  • romance
  • fluff
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The bad boy who ate MY nutella by mysticBooty
The bad boy who ate MY nutellaby Sexylookingasspotato
Madison Connor is your typical loud, crazy, nutella obsessed girl.She is a sassy,sarcastic and can burn you by her glare.She is also a black belt in taekwondo and has a...
  • savage
  • mistake
  • badboy
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Class Killer by StoryReck
Class Killerby Mau
'How did I not notice this so soon?' *click* *click* 'They're near.....what should I do?' "I know your hear darling..." 'Shit they're near...but that voice sou...
  • killing
  • 18
  • myster
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The shack by BlackCatt1030
The shackby Melody Adams
  • guts
  • cursing
  • teen
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Coming out of the closet by LilBundleOfJoy
Coming out of the closetby ➷Joy
Helping a fellow follower come out of his closet and be the real him ~ be you, drop the charade - he's acc straight.. like a circle No but rlly he's straight and no hat...
  • cursing
  • fanfics
  • cringe
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