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Ti'll We Meet Again My Love ❤ by Galanza_Wong
Ti'll We Meet Again My Love ❤by Galanza_Wong
Nahh I don't want to write any description just read it though peace ✌😊
Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/ by DancesWithTheDevil
Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/by DancesWithTheDevil
"You can't like him, you just can't!" "I know. It's wrong, but it's how I feel and I can't freaking control that." We've all heard the phrase 'The he...
About That Sunday by Lisamstu
About That Sundayby Lisamstu
Jessica Lowe is a young, beautiful, and courageous actress perusing her dreams in New York City. Her career is just starting to take off when she meets Chelsea Marin. Ch...
Thick and Thin (GaWong)  by g4wong1503
Thick and Thin (GaWong) by ash
This is the story of two volleyball players who fell in love with each other unexpectedly. Deanna Wong is a 5'8 setter who plays in Ateneo Lady Eagles. While Jema Galan...
Hot Blonde Girl (GirlxGirl) by SparrowFox
Hot Blonde Girl (GirlxGirl)by Fox
#18 in HUMOR; 16-year-old, Ivy Carlson has nothing better to do with her boring life. So she drives downtown and things go drastic when she gets drunk and finds herself...
Be Mine Till the End by ghen0815
Be Mine Till the Endby AUTHOR
Dalawang tao na pinag tagpo sa hindi inaasahan pagkakataon at panahon, pagmamahalan pilit na pinaglalaban ang isat isa sa mga taong mapang husga, pagmamahalan mali man s...
I'm A Fangirl by 4nnWinchestrict
I'm A Fangirlby 4nnWinchestrict
Is it worth it to invest feeling to someone who never appreciate your existence? Abangan ang storya sa pagitan ng isang obsessed fangirl at ng isang atleta ng kanilang...
You're My Home (Book II) by JackieTheGreat
You're My Home (Book II)by Jackie Jimenez Tolentino
I saw you happy with another girl Am I late? Then reality hits me I deserved it I left you hanging but what can I do? I can't force myself to unlove you And how can I u...
Waiting For You by valentina7writer
Waiting For Youby Valentina
In a universe where after puberty hits a telepathic bond is created between two soulmates, Hunter has been waiting for his soulmate bond to form for three years. He has...
I'm the Boss but she's my Big Boss by JackieTheGreat
I'm the Boss but she's my Big Bossby Jackie Jimenez Tolentino
A story made for Jedean Gawong Fan🌈 If you're against the LGBT Community please skip the story😊 Godbless everyone😇
Same Old Love (Completed) by your_captain
Same Old Love (Completed)by your_captain
In which Althea De Castro came back from Australia then she suddenly bumped into Jade Ramos, her one and only ex girlfriend in the busy street of Manila.
Deeply Inlove With You || Santana Lopez by purplecanonn
Deeply Inlove With You || Summer
Alex Rivers never thought she could ever find herself walking down the hallways of McKinley High. She never thought about joining glee club, and being part of the New Di...
Forget Me Not | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Forget Me Not | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Can love begin again where it painfully left off? This is a gxg story. ©breathe4her
EVERYTHING I OWN by Imconfused27
EVERYTHING I OWNby Imconfused27
This is my second fanfiction story about Team Tarah. What happens here is all in my Imagination. As the song says: "And I would give anything I own I'd give up my l...
Infinity: A Jenlisa AU by artemisgabriel
Infinity: A Jenlisa AUby artemis
"Will I see her again?" "I don't think so." Those are the last words Jennie Kim hears before the masked abductor knocks her unconscious then Jennie...
Catch Me by Kid076
Catch Meby Kid076
"Is anybody listening? Can anybody answer my prayers? Please say yeah."
Letters (camren)  by the_moon98
Letters (camren) by M. Ortega (Momo)
"Si de algo estoy convencida es que ella será la mujer más dichosa por tenerte a su lado, espero te ame... pero no más que yo, eso es imposible."
Nothing To Lose by xoxoharuhiko
Nothing To Loseby Haruhiko
Beam was broken and in more ways than one so was Forth. Can love triumph against pain this time? BOOK 3 - NOTHING TO LOSE BOOK 2 - NOWHERE TO RUN BOOK 1 - NO ESCAPE
The Writer [BXB] #4✓ by saintc
The Writer [BXB] #4✓by Saint Caliendo
Xander is a writer - a wordsmith by nature and training. He's an upcoming talent that people are sure will receive future success. Despite his way with words, Xander fi...
Married To Forth Jaturapoom  by blubrrychoco_cake
Married To Forth Jaturapoom by Blubrrychoco_cake
"Just don't tell anyone we're married." "Okay" ••• "It's good to talk to you again Beam." ••• "I'm here. You can always count on me. W...