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First Day

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Lexa grabs her keys to leave her house but Costia walks in, slamming the door behind her, "going somewhere?"

Lexa raises an eyebrow awkwardly and nods, "yeah. School. Now if you would excuse me-" "Lexa you've got to be kidding me. You're a superstar! You can't go to school!"

The actress sighs as she rubs her forehead. The blonde haired actress was getting on Lexa's very last nerve. She didn't feel like snapping so early in the morning but her ex-girlfriend always brings out the worst in her.

"I can and I will. Now get out of my way before I decide to end your career with the touch of a god damned finger." Costia's blue eyes go wide with worry as she steps aside, Lexa muttering a "thank you" before she storms out the front door.

She is starting her car up when the passenger door flies open.

Costia sits in the seat and pulls the mirror down to fix her makeup.

"Costia, what part of get out of my way don't you understand?"

The fake blonde sighs, then smiles at the other actress, "when you get there I will take your car home. You can't leave it in a public place so out in the open. People will be all over it."

Lexa sits, absolutely stunned. She hadn't thought about that. Not even the slightest bit.

But she was not about to admit that to Costia, so instead, she mumbles out a "whatever" and backs out of her driveway.

When she pulls up to the school, Lexa has to recheck her GPS. "Are we in the right place? Why is it so crowded?"

Lexa's green eyes search her surroundings but Costia can only laugh at her.

"Lexa. You're a movie star. Of course it's crowded."

She glances at her ex and sighs, "great."

When she parks she looks at Costia, "she gets a scratch on her? I will slit your throat."

Costia chuckles, "you got it commander."

Lexa gets out of the car and is instantly attacked by screaming guys, girls and paparazzi.

Her patience shortens and her mood drops.

"Excuse me," she tries to push her way through the crowd but they all just scream in her face.

"Alright guys let's go! Nothing to see here!" Octavia Blake walks through everyone, grabbing Lexa by her hand and tugging her inside the school.

When they escape the chaos Lexa breathes out in relief, glancing at the blue eyed brunette she wasn't familiar with.

"Um...thanks, for that."

"No problem," Octavia looks around and closes the door, making Lexa shift on her feet uneasily.

"Uh-" "just, wait. This is the only chance I will get to do this."

Octavia walks up to Lexa and places a hand on her arm.

"Um...I kind of have to get to class."

Octavia giggles, "god you're even more hot in person. I'm Octavia, by the way."

She leans up and kisses Lexa right on her lips, not wasting another second with the actress.

Lexa doesn't know how to react. She was caught off guard, after all.

Still, she isn't protesting against the blue eyed girl.

When she pulls away, Lexa chuckles, wiping her lips clean, "first day...wow."

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