Out of my Head

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^^Costia Frost

Lexa gets through the rest of school with a sour attitude. What Raven told her has been bothering her ever since lunch.

She can't get it out of her head.

She accused Lexa of faking being a normal teenager. Yes, Lexa was doing it as a stunt but now she doesn't even want it to be that. She wants to prove everyone wrong.

Being at school was different than usual. She wasn't quite sure if she liked it or not but she knew that she had to at least pretend to enjoy it, to prove Raven and Clarke wrong.

When Lexa walks through the front doors, she is awaited by a hound of people. Lexa doesn't stop for a signature, though. She's not in the mood.

She pushes past until the cameras show. Flashes go off and Lexa can feel her rage building up.

"Please move," Lexa says as kindly as possibly, clenching and unclenching her fists.

"What is with the cameras?" Raven hisses and Octavia gasps, "Lex!" She skips over to Lexa and grabs her arm, "come to the coffee shop with us. It's tradition."

Lexa eyes the blue eyed brunette and paparazzi shouts almost foreign words at the girls before Lexa notices someone else in the group.


The blonde glances up at Lexa, feeling the green eyes on her. When she sees for herself that Lexa was staring at her, Clarke looks away.

"Uh yeah that sounds-" "Lexie baby!" Costia pulls up in Lexa's white 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S convertible.

Lexa faces the blonde actress with a ployed smile, "Costia. What a pleasure."

"Get in baby. We have plans."

The taller actress ponders, then hears the shouts of the paparazzi and notices them getting closer, asking questions about Costia and her.

So, Lexa gets in and puts her sunglasses on, "drive."

She takes one quick glance at Octavia and Raven. Octavia's eyes are shimmering, while Raven's are rolling so far back in her head, Lexa almost worries they'll fall out.

Then she spots to blonde.

Clarke Griffin.

Clarke watches Lexa and their gazes meet.

When the green eyed celebrity smiles, Clarke flips her off and walks away with her friends. Lexa watches, her stomach dropping at seeing the blonde walk away from her.

She didn't like seeing Clarke's back to her.

She didn't like seeing Clarke's frame get smaller as she walks away from her.

Once the car picks up speed, Lexa can't even see the captivating hater anymore. She returns to face the front of the car as Costia smiles, "so how was school?"

"Why are you here, Costia?"

She glances at the blonde with a suspicious eye that makes Costia giggle, "I am here to pick you up. Duh?"

"No, I mean why are you here? Because last time I checked, we broke up. A while ago, too. People are going to get the wrong idea."

She shrugs her shoulders up and drops them down, "so what if they do? Like you always say, all press is good press. Right baby?" Costia places her hand on Lexa's thigh, only earning her a deadly glare.

"Not if it involves you. I'm trying to change my name, Costia."

The fake blonde scoffs, "Jesus Lexa. When will you give this up? It's been a day. You know that the headlines are right about you. This nice, goody-goody image you're attempting to build is bullshit. That isn't who you are. You're not good. You're bad."

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