Feelings & Duty

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Later that day, Clarke is rummaging through clothes and bikinis. She bites her lip, "no. No. No. Ugh," she slumps onto her bed and groans, covering her face with her hands after an hour of clothes searching.

"Having trouble?" Abby smiles at her flustered daughter who only groans in response.

"I have nothing to wear."

"Really? If you have nothing to wear then why do you have a full closet and a floor full of clothing?"

Clarke sighs, "Mom."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Okay. So for your date you should-" "it's not a date!" Clarke shoots up, sitting upright with an alarmed face.

Abby only chuckles and shakes her head at her daughter, "of course it's not. Here." Abby tosses Clarke a white triangle bikini with black outlines and a white flowing cover up dress with long sleeves.

"Wow. Thanks Mom."

"That's what I'm here for. Now. I know you're nervous but just be you. Lexa likes you, sweetheart. Not somebody else. So don't act like anybody else." Abby's soft, slender fingers graze Clarke's cheek, and her lips press against Clarke's forehead.

"Thank you. But it's not a date."

"Sure it's not. Sweetie I can see through you so easily."

Clarke sighs as she begins to get dressed, Abby eventually leaving.


"What am I supposed to wear?" Lexa hisses into the phone and Octavia chuckles, "just wear your hot little board shorts that you wore last year in Cancun."

Lexa frowns, looking into the mirror, "how do you know that?"

"Lexa, if there were elections, I would be the president of the Woods Clan, AKA the Lexans."

The green eyed brunette smiles slightly with a roll of her eyes. She observes herself after pulling on black board shorts and a black bikini top, a white tee shirt covering her torso.

"Let me see," Octavia whines and Lexa sighs, growing impatient with the other brunette, like she usually does.

However, she picks the phone up and points the camera towards the mirror so Octavia can get a full body view of the actress.

She squeals, "you look hot. Clarke is going to be all over you."

"Really? I want to impress her. I need to look amazing."

"Relax Romeo." The two chat for a little while longer until Lexa hangs up, due to a knock on her door.

"May I?" Indra speaks and Lexa thinks, then nods, "enter."

Indra looks at her daughter and bites her lip, "party tonight?"

"Yes. On the beach at my house."

"Will Clarke be there?"

"Does it matter?"

"It does if paparazzi see you."

"Well, she will be there, Indra." Lexa spins on her heel to glare down her mother with her powerful, intimidating green fires.

But Indra doesn't back down. She straightens her back and speaks again, "you should keep your-" "distance? Indra I'm tired of that. You're just going to have to understand that I'm allowed to interact with people who aren't as 'famous' as I am."

"Clarke is a distraction from you becoming an A-list-" "I already am an A list. And has it ever dawned on you that I don't care about my reputation? Maybe I like Clarke."

"I would hope you care. And do you?" She tilts her head, a curious but angered expression splayed on her face.

Lexa stays silent, not finding it necessary to answer to her mother's pointless question. She knows the answer, but she doesn't want to give Indra the satisfaction that she is right and had guessed all along about the budding romance between the blonde and brunette.

Lexa's eyes fall to her vibrating and lit up phone before she saunters over to it, picking it up casually and answering the call from an interviewer. She discusses date times and sets up an interview.

Once Lexa is all ready, she texts Clarke.

Princess: Be ready.

She puts her phone in her pocket and gets her keys out to drive. "I'm leaving."

"Lexa we have to talk! You cannot let Clarke intervene with your work life like how you did with Costia those years ago!"

Lexa freezes in place and grunts, turning towards Clarke. "I loved Costia once. But then she spit on our relationship by cheating on me and breaking my heart. But still I took the fall for being the cheater so her reputation isn't damaged. I help boost her image by being seen with her. Still, I work with her on a damned movie set! I AM MORE THAN CAPABLE OF SEPARATING FEELINGS FROM DUTY!"

Her heart is racing with rage, her hands clenched tightly, she feared she was drawing blood in her palms.

But Lexa couldn't think about that. All she could think about was how pissed she was.

"I didn't mean to offend you."

"Yes you did. I'm seeing Clarke tonight and there is nothing you can do that will stop me."

Lexa leaves, slamming the door behind her and jumping into her car and driving away to Clarke's house.


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