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Lexa stares at Clarke all throughout Chemistry class. Whenever Clarke looks down at her paper and starts writing, Lexa can notice the little scrunch the blonde does with her forehead whilst she focuses.

Whenever Clarke lifts her head, Lexa quickly turns away.

When the brunette does this, Clarke glances over and stares solemnly at the actress.

She never wanted to offend Lexa. She knew that judging her was wrong but she also knew that Lexa was an egotistical jerk who needed to understand that not everything in life is about her.

The bell rings, scaring Clarke to her feet. She grabs her books and shuffles to the door, not noticing that Lexa was walking right in front of her.

She dropped her books after walking right into the actress and Lexa turns around, "can you watch where you're going?" Lexa snips, then freezes once she sees Clarke.

"Oh C-Clarke I'm sorry I guess I just-" "thought I was a random person? Good to know you've worked on your social skills."

Clarke snatches her books from the ground and shoves past Lexa right as the hoard of fans attack the star.

The day consisted off awkward looks and an uncomfortable lunch period. Clarke latched herself to Bellamy while Octavia and Raven were occupied talking with one another about everything and nothing all at once.

"So what are you doing later? Maybe we can head over to the Grille? If you'd like to, of course."

Clarke smiles at Bellamy and almost answers until she feels eyes on her. Clarke glances past Bellamy and sees Lexa staring at him.

Once she catches Clarke's gaze, Lexa reverts her eyes to her food and continues on eating.


"So how was school?" Costia asks in the back of the limo.

Lexa doesn't answer, however. She just stares at the shrinking school that continues to fade into the background.

Costia came to pick Lexa up in a limo, of course resulting in Lexa needing her body guards to get inside it.

She knew what her ex was trying to do. She wants Lexa to still be seen as the girl who is better than all of the others.

"Lexie baby," Costia places a finger under Lexa's chin, turning her to the blonde.

"Were you even listening?" Costia teases, adding a nasaly giggle at the end.

Lexa almost rolls her eyes but tries her best not to, "not really, no."

"Aw well. I was just saying how we used to have so much fun in this backseat. You remember, don't you?" Costia bites her lip, her eyes flickering from Lexa's, down to her lips and so on.

The green eyed actress stares at Costia sighing, "I'm not in the mood, Costia."

"You were in the mood when 6 models were knocking down your hotel door in London a few months ago," Costia husks and kisses Lexa's neck.

Lexa rolls her eyes back, now in pleasure as she gives in to Costia's temptation. She groans and takes Costia's white hair into her hand, pulling it backwards.

Costia moans and Lexa climbs on top of her, attacking the girl with her lips, kissing every inch of her body.

Bodies collide and moans escape. The windows of the limo fog up as the girls clash and collide. Not for a second did the heat stop.

And, Lexa enjoyed it.

She almost missed hooking up with a girl. She used to every night that she was on a promotion tour for the movies. It was either a hotel worker or a random girl she'd meet at a local bar.

Lexa's mind flashes through all of the countries she had gotten to taste. From Japan to Spain to Australia and so on, Lexa has gotten through all, and she loved every moment of every scream as well as moans.

As the two girls calm down, Costia breathes out with a smile, "well wasn't that a nice reunion. I knew that make up sex was the best. It's been all over the magazines lately and-" "woah."

Lexa jumps back into reality and holds a hand up to Costia, cutting her words off.

"What?" The blue eyed actress questions.

Lexa stares at her, quirking an eyebrow up with a frown, "we aren't 'made up'. It was a hookup. I've been horny lately and haven't been laid in almost 2 weeks. You were just a nice pick-me-up. We aren't together Costia."

Eye roll.

"Call it whatever. You enjoyed it."

"Who wouldn't enjoy a girl screaming their name? It was fun and all. Not dating. Just a hookup."

"Fine. Just a hookup. Want to do another tomorrow?"

Lexa chuckles, getting out of the limo, "how" She slams the door shut and walks up her driveway, opening the gates to get into her house.

After she is inside, Indra is already talking on the phone, arguing with someone.

"I am telling you no. Get them to retract the headline. Lexa doesn't need this right now-" "Doesn't need what?"

Lexa emerges from the other room, startling her mother, "Lexa. Rod I'll call you back." 

Indra hangs up and sighs, "paparazzi got pictures of you with some girl earlier today. People are saying that she's your new...well, your new girlfriend of the moment."

She points to a pile of magazines and newspapers. Lexa grabs People magazine and observes it, noticing the girl she is with.


"Lexa, who is she? Cause if she is a girlfriend you can't be seeing anyone right now, it'll ruin everything-" "she's just someone from school Indra, relax."

"And what is this mystery girl's name?" Indra folds her arms across her chest, eyeing down her adoptive daughter suspiciously. She is not one to be fooled.

With the way Lexa attempted to brush off the blonde girl in the pictures, Indra could tell that she meant something to Lexa. And for the moment, that was not what Indra wanted, or Lexa needed.

Lexa tries to hide her smile as her lips form the words. They feel so natural coming off of Lexa's tongue. Almost as if she was born to say this name outloud.

"Her name is Clarke. Clarke Griffin."


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