It's A Deal

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Lunch is filled with laughter and food fights between Raven and Octavia.

The occasional kiss and cheek smooches thrown in here and there. Lexa eventually decides to join in until they get yelled at by a teacher that just makes them break out into roars of laughter.

Lexa's stomach begins to ache from all of the laughing.

After they settle down, Lexa notices Bellamy sit down, uncomfortably close to Clarke.

Of course, that anger and hatred towards Bellamy when she first met him was jealousy. Now she knows it.

Now she acts on it.

Lexa places her hand over Clarke's under the table and notices Clarke stop talking to Bellamy and look down slightly, blushing before she glances up, blue meeting green.

The actress only smirks, making Clarke's heart race even more than it normally does at the sight of her newlywed girlfriend.

"Anyways...yeah I was thinking that for that project I might focus on the role of women in..."

Lexa tunes out Clarke's smart talk and turns to Octavia and Raven, grinning.

"So. You can both thank me now."

"Oh yeah? For what superstar?" Raven quirks up an eyebrow and tosses a fry into her mouth, chewing on it without breaking her stare with Lexa.

"If it wasn't for the party I took you guys to, you would've never gotten together."

Octavia ponders for a moment, as well as Raven.

Then at once they say, "thanks" and turn to each other smiling and kissing and laughing and talking.

Lexa wishes she could do that with Clarke just about now. She huffs and leans on her hands as she picks at her food, her phone buzzing in her pocket.

Lexa pulls it out and instantly smiles when she sees the contact.

1 Message From Clarke:


Lexa furrows her eyebrows and looks at Clarke who grabs her purse, "I'm going to buy a salad."

She stands and walks away but round a corner out of the cafeteria. Lexa catches on and jumps to her feet, "I gotta...pee. Yeah."

She rushes out and enters the bathroom, looking around, "Clarke? Cla-" Clarke pushes Lexa against the door and smashes her lips to the actress'.

Lexa's eyes widen in surprise but fall shut after brief moments of her girlfriend doing all the work.

The actress flips them so that Clarke's back is pressed against the slick wood of the door.

The blonde releases a light moan when Lexa's teeth bite down on the shorter girl's bottom lip. Lexa tugs and reconnects their lips, smiling into Clarke as her heart beats rapidly inside of her chest.

Moments pass before the two girls separate, their chests heaving.

"Well that was...a great pick-me-up." Lexa dusts off her clothes, then smiles at the blonde who is just staring at her girlfriend, biting her lip.

"It was perfect," Clarke responds quietly, then grabs Lexa's waist, pulling her back in for another kiss.

Clarke smiles the slightest bit as they part, both girls getting lost in each other's eyes. The blonde breathes in Lexa's scent, never wanting to forget the smell of wood and leather that makes up Lexa.

She hugs her girlfriend, causing Lexa's heart to pound whilst her arms wrap around the blonde's frame, holding her as close as possible.

"Sneaking around sucks," Clarke pouts, making Lexa chuckle into the hair atop Clarke's head.

"It does."

The shorter girl pulls away and smiles up at Lexa, "it is kind of hot though."


The girls laugh and  hug again, followed by a kiss before they decide that they should return to their friends.

"Wait," Lexa grabs Clarke's hand, making her turn around, worried about Lexa's sad expression.

"What's wrong?"

"I just...Bellamy. You two seem...close."

Clarke, not catching on for a few seconds stands confused, then widens her eyes, laughing, "he's a friend. Nothing to be jealous about."

Clarke attempts to walk out the door but Lexa whirls her around, pressing her back against the door, her eyes demanding and her body firm.

The blonde gasps as her breath escapes her, taken aback by Lexa's powerful move.

"You're mine Clarke Griffin. No one else's. Understand?"

Clarke, still in shock and completely turned on by her jealous girlfriend, nods obediently.

"Good. Now, I have to leave first."

She frowns, back in reality now, "wait why?"

Green eyes fall to Clarke's pink lips, then travel back up to meet the blue oceans resting on the blonde's face.

"Because I can't stand seeing you walk away from me," Lexa whispers out the sentence, causing Clarke's heart to swell and throb in her chest.

She wants to kiss Lexa.


She wants to kiss Lexa until the end of time.

Lexa presses her lips against Clarke's cheek before she whispers, "count to 15" and exits the bathroom, leaving Clarke in awe as she watches the door gently float shut.


The last bell of the day rings and just as Clarke shuts her locker, Lexa's face appears behind it, making Clarke squeal with a jump, clutching her chest with her hand.

"Jesus fuck Lexa! You scared the shit out of me!"

Lexa laughs and walks beside her undercover girlfriend. 

"My bad Princess but I have an offer."

Clarke's eyebrow quirks up in the air curiously, "an offer huh? Let's hear it."

"Okay. So-" "no."

Lexa's smile fades to a pout, "you haven't even heard it yet."

Clarke giggles, "I know. I was messing with you. Continue handsome."

Clarke pauses in the hallway and Lexa looks around, waiting for the hallway to be clear before she presses her right arm against the wall by the left of Clarke's head, a dorky smile splayed on Lexa's face.

"We're going to the beach tonight."

Clarke, stares at Lexa and breaks out in laughter, "you're kidding right? Lex. There'll be paparazzi."

Lexa smiles, "I know! That's why we're going to have a beach party! Look. I have a house in Malibu, right on the beach." "Of course you do," Clarke jokes, rolling her eyes playfully.

The actress smiles, "just shut up woman. Okay. Beach party. I invite you and obviously our friends and your friends too. Then a few of my friends. We can sneak off at night and have a beach night of our own, yeah?"

Lexa slips her fingers through the belt loops on Clarke's shorts, making the blonde blush as she's pulled closer to Lexa, lips hitting her own.

"I say, you have a deal."

"Perfect," Lexa whispers, green eyes sparkling with joy.


How will the beach party go?

Who will be there?

Who do you want there?

What do you think will happen next?

What do you want to happen next?

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