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Lexa pulls up to Clarke's house in her Bugatti Veyron, sighing as she looks out at the paparazzi on the other side of the street.

Lexa gets out of her car and goes to the front door, knocking. The door opens and Lexa is met with Abby Griffin, Clarke's mother.

"Wow, hi. Lexa Woods." Lexa smiles kindly and holds her hand out, "you must be...Clarke's sister?" She grins and Abby chuckles, "that's sweet. I'm her mother, it's a pleasure to meet the person my daughter won't stop talking about."

"Won't stop, huh?" The actress can't help the fluttery feeling in her stomach when Abby reveals that.

"Yes ma'am. Come in, Clarke is just finishing up with the girls."

She nods and when Mrs. Griffin steps aside, Lexa steps inside hesitantly, she's never done this before, pick up a girl for a date. Well, they're going to a party so it's hardly a date. And not to mention the other 2 that are coming in Lexa's car as well.

"So Lexa, I am sure you know that my daughter has developed a liking to you." 

Lexa nods and Abby closes the door, "I hope that you are returning those feelings. Clarke has been through a lot and I would hate to see her get hurt."

The green eyed girl widens her eyes, "of course not. Mrs. Griffin I like your daughter very much. In fact, she hated me at first." She lets out a chuckle and Abby joins her, "don't I know it. She hated your guts. You must've done something to change her mind. My daughter is beyond stubborn."

They sit at the table in the kitchen and Lexa shrugs, "I guess she just got to know me instead of knowing the girl on the news channel."

"I always knew I'd like you. I stuck up for you when she hated you, you know," Abby winks and Lexa laughs, "and I appreciate that very much. I'm sure you had to endure a lot to defend my name."

Abby smiles and footsteps on the stairs make Lexa's heart begin to race. She sees Raven emerge with Octavia holding her hand giddily.

"Well well, nice of you to stop by superstar." Raven greets and Abby grabs a glass of wine, "manners, Raven. Where is my daughter?"

"Coming!" Clarke's voice sounds from the top of the stairs and when she comes down, Lexa can feel her jaw drop. The white mesh cover up dress hugs Clarke's body so perfectly that Lexa almost collapses to her knees.

"W-wow...you look...great, Clarke."

The blonde blushes but smiles at her girlfriend, "thank you. So do you movie star."

She walks over to Lexa and smiles, leaning up to get a sweet kiss from the taller girl. Her mother admires the young couple before she sees flashes outside, "I spot cameras. You guys better get out of here before they knock the doors down."

"Your mom's right. Let's get going. I don't want people running around in my house before I even get there."

Octavia smiles and leads her friends outside to Lexa's car. 

"Lexa! Where are you off to?"

Lexa chuckles, not even glancing at the paparazzi as she says, "your mom's house."

She lets Clarke get in the car herself so that they don't suspect Clarke of dating Lexa and they drive off, Lexa happy she got away from them before they got to piss her off.

"God I think I got blinded," Clarke groans and the other two girls laugh, "I can't believe you always have to do that, Lexa."

Lexa sighs, "yeah well sadly, now it'll happen to you guys too. They know that you're friends with me. Fuck I'm sorry," she groans slapping the steering wheel but Clarke grabs her hand, "hey, it's fine. We'll get through it...just, teach us how to ignore them."

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